Just another winters tale

Yes, hopefully for some at least, a dead giveaway for the video at the end lol! Mind, given the song is 30 years old, maybe not?

Well, given the current weather conditions, it looks like winter has definitely arrived already. Hopefully just for a few days, but…? Its rain thats caused the carnage with horse racing so far this week, but now, given forecasts of frost and ice for the next few days, the reason might change, but the abandonments probably wont!

I noticed it tonight, waiting for the bus to bring me back towards home, it was very cold just standing there at the bus stop. So alright, we’re nearly into December, so what do I expect? No, nowhere exciting, but the nails are now freshly painted for next week, and the body has been thoroughly waxed too. No, not totally hairless below the neck, a few survived around the private parts, but otherwise, smooth as a baby’s bottom lol! Booked the hair in for colouring and trim on the way, but no, havent yet made the call on to bob, or not to bob just yet. Facial booked for Saturday morning, as my skin is getting a bit dry, hardly surprising at the moment. Yes, a Saturday off, no idea what happened there lol!

I would say that this time next week, I’ll be packing, getting ready for the big night, but havent checked, I’m probably on a late, so maybe not? The funniest thing is, most of the people who were asking me what I was wearing, dont seem to be going. I find that funny, I must admit. I didnt tell them, didnt know then, before my holiday, so dont blame me for putting them off lol! Oh, and the lovely person at work who told me I “would” be wearing a dress on the night, havent seen her yet to tell her that she’s going to be proved right!

No other big news at this point, more a case of I wanted to update the blog when I got the chance, not likely to occur again before Saturday, and have a good idea what that will be about, American College Football. Dont quote me on that though, if Linda should find a facial that leaves me looking like Louise Brooks (20’s/30’s look, before the cheeky comments start) after Saturday, I might just have to post that instead lol!

And so to the video, as mentioned the song is 30 years old, but he looked cute back then. Whether he still does today, no idea, but for everyones entertainment


4 responses

  1. Grrr, I left a reply to this but don’t think it registered. So, if it did, sorry for the double post! Basically, I mentioned that I enjoy reading your blog. It seems a very down to earth and good way of displaying your every day thoughts and musings on the world. P.s. go for the bob, its a good look :0


  2. Hi Danni, just one post here for me to see anyway. Yes, I’d love the bob look, would go well with the rest of the outfit, but given i’m getting people to accept I’m a woman, too short is probably not wise lol.


  3. Well, sure it’ll look great either way :0 Admittedly, I’m toying with the idea of a works xmas party in girl mode. However for me, it really is 50/50. Despite my social life outside of work being in full working order regarding the true ‘me’, inside of work is a different kettle of fish! We’ll see on the day, as it would be a shock to a very testosterone orientated system. If not, I’ll save it for friday night!


  4. Well, given I’m officially a Ms nowadays, it would be hard to hide it for me lol!


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