Maybe something will happen?

In reference to an earlier posting on the blog, I do now know what was going on, and all I can say is that I find all the interest in dull old me, to be very flattering. To be honest, beyond the mild bafflement, I’d stop thinking about it, but yes, I’m glad I know. And no, I’m not saying more than that! Those that need to know will know, and those who dont, still dont know lol!

Given my record in winning anything, I dont expect anything to come of it, but you never know? We had an email at work, offering the chance to fulfil a dream, as long as it was a realistic, and achievable one. Oh, and not too expensive either, so bang goes the flight into space lol! No, actually that doesnt impress me much, to quote Shania Twain, but lets face it, I was looking for something totally impractical. Also counts out asking for the vaginaplasty to be paid for by the firm, on grounds of expense. Yes, I’m being silly, but its been a long week, and still one day to go (two before a day off, after a week)

So, being realistic, what dream could I hope to fulfil, that a budget stretched Yorkshire girl is never going to justify as an expense to myself? I know, a good makeover, and photo session where I look good, and hopefully more feminine than I can normally achieve. So thats what I applied for, just in case its my one lucky day when they do the draw. If they’re good, I might even post some here, but given my record in winning anything, dont hold your breath lol! Dont expect a Cinderella type ballgown either, I dont have any in my wardrobe, for some strange reason lol!

The other considered option was one of these luxury spa visits, especially given I could get treatments on my less than perfect body (bad back and knees, dry skin. You name it, I’ve probably…!) that I could get. But that I see as a one off thing, no lasting memories, whereas something that will always leave a lasting reminder, much better?

I dont think they can achieve the dream of a decent train service for me lol! Nor making the Buffalo Bills look like a decent team. Fulfil a dream, yes, perform miracles, no!

Ah, I hear you asking, where’s the video, so here it is.  Abba, not for the first time, and pretty obvious which song

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