Vote for me!

No, not really for me, its a pair of gentlemen, strictly 4, making that request in the US today. Well strictly, there are a lot more than that, with Senate and Congress seats up for grabs, but the big vote is Obama v Romney, the US presidential election. By the morning I will probably know the winner, though some are forecasting it close enough, that I might not. As long as its not like 2000 again, I dont care!

No, I’m not voting this time around, something to do with being neither a US citizen, or living in the country. 2016, well, who knows? I have a good number of friends who will (or have already) be voting in the election though. The thing is though, this is an election that has a much bigger relevance than just within America, especially since the fall of the Soviet Union. Alright, their elections were always a “bit” suspect, and many would say Russia’s still are lol!

I know, it doesnt directly affect our economy, or military leanings, but indirectly, it does. Its hard to believe, at one time the US belonged to us lol! Mind, the populated area was a lot smaller back then! Like us, each constituency is a winner takes all thing, its just that in presidential terms, they only have 50 constituencies, as opposed to our approximate total of 650. But the winning score isnt 26, its 270! How, because the number of votes in each state are loaded according to population. Just as well its not size, otherwise Alaska would have a very major say, as opposed to what it has population wise lol! Oh, and Kansas has 6, no idea why I know that. Going back to 1960, they have voted Republican every time, bar one, in 1964, when events led to an interesting result to say the least. Yes, JFK’s untimely death mainly, I suspect.

In fact, hearing what I have today, there are only about 12 of the 50 states that really hold much concern as to how they will vote! The thing is, several of those are the ones with large numbers of electoral votes, like Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Me, I think I’d lean towards Obama, not just politically, but because of the 2 candidates relative stance on LGBT issues. Of course, if Romney were to send me a Green Card, my endorsement could change lol! I can be so shallow at times, giggle!

The video, well given I used Alice Cooper a few months back, I looked for something new, and found this, a record from my childhood, mentioning one of those critical states. The artist, well a few years later, she made a famous film with John Travolta, looking slightly different!

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