Holiday, celebrate

Yes, I know what video you’re thinking is coming, and you’re wrong lol! 😛 No, the title is purely because I’m officially on holiday for a week from now. Well, strictly I was off today too, but according to the records, that was just a day off for the week. But now… 🙂

No, I’m not doing anything special, well not unless you count Christmas shopping as something special? Is it really that time of year again already? Yes, I know it is, works dinner has already been mentioned, but where has the year gone? Some might think that when you havent got many presents to buy, that Christmas shopping would be easy? Wrong, it might be if people knew what they wanted, or were easy to buy for, but…you get my drift lol!

As usual, Manchester is my choice of destination for doing my shopping, principally because one target is a shop selling railway videos, and there is an excellent one there, near to Piccadilly station. Should be more fun tomorrow, I can see if all the fuss about Stalybridge station lives up to hype. Sadly I dont know of a bargain ‘posh frocks’ shop there, but I might look for one, just in case. Have actually found some potential dresses in my wardrobe (one I didnt even know I had, pink!), so its at least partly solved, though certainly none are those with the big flowing skirt types, that some seem to want me to wear, the sort of Cinderella look, I guess? There are some nice ones on Ebay, but delivery from China, and delivery dates are either close to, or after the dinner date, so cant go down that road.

Yes, I will do some window shopping for myself too, though beyond said dress (and thats not a serious hunt now), I dont have any major needs in clothing at present. The only other way I will get something is if I see the perfect 20’s style dress, at a sensible price. If that Aqua Massager thing is working, I will probably give it a try, even if I am booked in for a standard massage on Tuesday, I’m just a sucker for new ideas.

I will do other trips out during the week, just not sure what at present. Well, I know one on Friday, got a briefing at work, even if on holiday. Hey, I’m getting paid for it (and travel time), so I’ll survive lol! I’d hoped that Northern Rail might have started their special offer price for journeys on the scenic Settle & Carlisle line, but…they are, the week after my holiday lol! So yes, if anyone has some good ideas, or wants to treat me to a coffee, or more… No, not expecting lol!

Ah, the video. An oldie, and you could say, something I’ll be doing tomorrow, though travelling with Trans Pennine is rarely a sentimental experience. And yes, that is a clue!

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