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What to wear?

Where, to the works christmas dinner of course, darlings!

Its funny, every year at the Queens, its been very formal, suit for the men, dress or suit for the ladies. Yes, I know I could have been an utter rebel, and worn a dress, but I really have no desire for controversy and the like, so I’ve always worn a trouser suit, albeit very much a woman’s one. If anyone wants to argue that, the jacket lining is pink, so…! I think if there was such a thing as a formal blouse and skirt, I might have gone with it, but a dress…no, step too far for some, I suspect, and I like to keep my job.

Therefore I assumed this year, despite the new venue, that the rules would be the same? Got a nice blouse or two picked up over the months, and the suit is around, err, somewhere! Its in my room, just dont ask exactly where lol!

But like with so many things, I was wrong. There is the option to dress formally, but there is also the chance to go in fancy dress, and there will be prizes for such things. It could actually be fun, those that are considering it seem to be doing so with style, so it should work out fine. No, I’m not trying for the Cinderella ballgown look before you ask, couldnt afford one probably even if I was feeling that brave! And besides, I cant think of anything classy femme fancy dress, within a reasonable budget that would fit the bill anyway, especially if I’m excluding nice dress styles lol! The thing is, I sort of gather that a few (maybe more?) expect something from me this year, given I suppose you could claim that fancy dress gives a transgender girl more options to dress in style?

Clearly one does at least, and I doubt she’s alone. Sunday morning, someone (no name, though a few at work might guess) turned round to me and said, “And I expect you to be wearing a dress this year now!”. It has to be said no one agreed, or disagreed with her, so whether thats a general view, or just hers, not a clue! What didnt get specified was if she meant a normal dress, or a femme fancy dress, though my suspicions go to the former, with my get out (if needed) being the latter as a reason for doing so. Lets face it, I have got dresses, though they are nearly all of the practical kind, not the evening wear type, and the latter would tend to give away that the cleavage isnt entirely natural anyway, though I guess that wont surprise that many, but…

My main concern is what I call the ‘other departments’. My department know, probably wouldnt be totally shocked to see me in a dress in one sense, though as they’ve never seen me before in anything but trousers, they might still get a surprise! But there are other parts of the building, who dont know me, only ever see me on one night, and might not see it as favourably as some, and as I say, I have a job to keep, if nothing else! So no, I think that person will be disappointed, just dont tell her that in advance!

But on a fancy dress front, would a flapper girl look qualify, do you reckon? I could go get my hair bobbed I guess, though not that short, I’d hate people to think I was a guy lol! But a shoulder length bob style, maybe…? But no, flapper dresses are generally far too short anyway, I need something below the knees, injuries ensure they arent a pretty sight! Maxi length flapper dress anyone, one that doesnt show too much cleavage, hmm…?

No, seriously, my money is on the standard trouser suit, but…just maybe…

The video, lets just call this ‘Flappers having fun’ and leave it at that!

The End of Summertime

Yes, I know, summer actually officially ended about a month ago, but as this weekend marks the time when the clocks go back, you could say this truly marks the end of summertime. And yes, James, before you say it, I know, the US is a week later than us changing back, but as I’m currently living over here…

I’m not sure whether summer actually ever arrived over here lol!

The other thing that marks the end of summer for me at least, being a baseball fan, is the start of the World Series, the end of the very long season. And yes, that starts tomorrow, though it will actually be Thursday morning over here when it starts, but all the same. For a while, it looked like we might have some new teams there this year, but all got turned over in what I will term the quarter finals, I think the official name is the divisional series, but anyway…so San Francisco and Detroit get to return again to the final stage. As 5 of the 6 series so far have gone to the last game, we might be going for a while yet. But given the other was a 4-0 for Detroit, maybe not!

I’ve been to San Francisco, twice in fact, and both times ended up in a wonderful baseball park during my stay. Sadly once was a day game, so didnt get to see the sun set over the Bay, while watching the game, because believe me, thats really something! No, never been to Detroit, nor likely to do so, I suspect.

Actually, this was the first year for some time that I didnt get to a live game while over there. I should have done in April, but if you look back through the blog, well, you’ll see I had fun with American Airlines back then, and Sunday was the only Seattle game at home, so… Strangely enough, I wont next year either, unless either Wichita, or Rochester suddenly get a franchise over the winter lol! Thankfully, care of ESPN America over here, I have seen some live baseball this year anyway, including the Mariners once. But yes, its not quite the same thing as seeing it live in the flesh.

November starts a ‘social whirl’ for me, at least by my standards. As already mentioned, I’m off to see a movie on the 1st, something starring Louise Brooks, whoever she may be lol! 😛 Seriously, really looking forward to that. Then later in the month, off to see the musical, Oliver as a birthday treat for someone close to me. Then at the beginning of December, the Works Christmas Dinner. Ah, the busy life of a ‘flapper’, darlings lol! Thats probably it though for a while, unless someone knows something I dont!

Next week actually will bring even more travelling ‘entertainment’ for 9 days, though of course I’ll only be travelling 7 of them. More on that on Thursday’s blog though.

For now, the song is nearly 50 years old, the performance clearly isnt.

Putting On The Ritz

And as a special treat tonight, two very different versions of said song. But first, the blog! Sorry, but… 😛

Apparently that time of year is fast approaching again when modern business thinks of a special day in December, and turns it into a spending spree! Yes, Christmas is coming, even if officially its still just over 2 months off. And yes, they’ve started putting the lights up in Leeds already, though thankfully not switched them on…yet!

What it also means, as far as I’m concerned at least, is the announcement of the date for the Firms Christmas Dinner. December 6th, if anyone cares. There may be readers who already know, there may be others who need to know, but otherwise…probably not!

I had to smile, I’ve seen one or two already at work looking at dresses, presumably for said big event, but not me. No, seriously, I dont mind going a bit more femme for this, but a party dress, no, I think thats far too much of a step, even now lol! Plus, lets face it, most of those dresses are designed to show a bit of cleavage, and lets face it, much of mine is slightly less than natural, shall we say? Yes, I have got some nowadays, but lets face it, I cheat a bit at work, all the same. Makes me feel good, but anything that shows cleavage is bound to give away my little secret! Alright, this might do to one or two, but anyway…lol! 😉 Just a shame there is no way ‘my little boosters’ could go internally for one night lol. Well alright, permanent would be great, but one night would be a start lol! Either that, or an overdose of ‘natural’ female hormones giving me a major boost on the boob front? No, not going to happen, fairy godmothers dont exist in real life, giggle!

Even without the ‘good girl’ thing, of not wearing a dress on that basis, I’d  be looking for something nice, that doesnt reveal cleavage, and needs to be below knee length (well below ideally), or ankle length (even better). And please, dont get me started on wearing heels at all! I’m too tall already, and unless they’re block, or wedge heels, I couldnt walk in them, so… And no, with my job, I’m not spending a fortune on the outfit either!

Yes, going by all that, blouse, trousers, and nice flat shoes I’m sure! 😉 But alright, it would be fun to really dress up, but its a case of us transgendered folk respecting others, I guess? So as I said, blouse and trousers, because I guess finding a ‘posh skirt’ is a trick too far, at budget prices?

Yes, I said last year, I wouldnt go back to the Queens Hotel, but I wont have to, as we are going somewhere different this year, the Royal Armouries have a place for celebrations of this kind, and we’re going there. So I’ll give it a try…and be a good girl, honest I will! Or as some would say, if I cant be good, I’ll be careful! Not sure Brooksie ever said that, but I can imagine those words echoing from her lips somehow.

Havent yet decided if I will stay overnight in town, as I’ve done before, it makes things easier, especially for changing, but it is quite an expense. But it does save on ‘Cinders’ having to get the last train home, and then a taxi out here. Swings and roundabouts etc, especially given the distance I will be from the station this year. I suspect my shifts that day, and the next will also play a part in my call on the matter.

If however someone, or a group of people want to bribe me to wear a dress and posh shoes with a (large) charitable donation, and/or a suitable dress for me to wear, well, try me lol! Even more so, if posh and 20’s/30’s style lol. Still nothing showing cleavage unless you’re also paying for the cosmetic surgery lol  No, almost certainly not lol!

Right, finally the videos. Firstly the version most probably think of, the Fred Astaire one. Not the original lyrics, but some amazing dancing. Be warned, though the pictures are of Astaire, the music is a modern remix, interesting enough to win the vote.

If you prefer the original, its not hard to find.

But now, the real delight for me, a very grainy 1930 version of the song, with original lyrics, by Harry Richman, who starred in the film of the song title name. This however is seemingly a live version, not sure if its the film or not?

Of course, Louise Brook’s most famous character was a Lulu, which is another reason for selecting this. Me, biased, oh surely not, darlings? 😉

Having a wonderful Christmas time?

Yes, sorry, December has now arrived, so I thought I’d better get started now on that front. Apologies in advance if some think the quality of vdeos go down this month, lol! I know, the big day is still 3 1/2 weeks away, but the social season seems to be starting at least already.

The works Christmas dinner is a week today, and the ‘secret santa’ ernail arrived in my box just before I left last night, though later enough that I didnt get to read it, but will do so today I’m sure. Never sure about these things, I always seem to draw someone I hardly know, and I suspect most get the same if they draw me! Its not compulsory, but… yes, I suspect I will get involved again, however wise a move that might be!

I’m not really a social party animal, but yet again this year I said yes to the works dinner. Why, I suspect partly because its a rare chance to get something back from the company lol! Mind, by the time I’ve bought a new top, got my hair done and paid for the hotel in Leeds for the night (too much like hard work getting this far home afterwards), its not quite the bargain it seems lol! Yes, I’m going for the hair extension, getting them done next Tuesday, so at least I should have a wonderful show of hair for the do, not the usual hiding how thin it is routine! Coloured as well, so I might even fool some I’m a natural blonde then…probably not though lol!

Budget hotel in Leeds, same one I stayed in last year, seems more than decent enough for me at least. And only about 100 yards from where the dinner is, so not too far to walk either. Make up, yes, getting someone who knows what they are doing to do it though, before I set off to Leeds. Have told her I fancy a 20’s look (I swear Louise Brooks is playing with my mind lol!), so will have to wait and see what happens there.

Yes, a top and suit, as I’ve said before, I’m not rebellious enough for a dress, also there might be idiots about in Leeds that night, so no point taking chances. Flats, not heels as well I might add. But I will definitely wear one of my bras that shows my natural cleavage off to its best effect, thats for sure. Enhancers? Cant see any point, as 90% of the people there know how much cleavage I’ve really got anyway!

So, as you can see, Christmas is coming, as are the Christmas videos. The You Tube link says this is Paul McCartney, but its not, its definitely Wings.

Looking good, feeling good

I cant believe its been 4 days since I wrote anything here, apologies to all those twiddling their thumbs in the interim, if any have been lol! Had a slight delay with the trains on Monday going to Manchester, but not that much! Also the back is a lot better after a good massage yesterday, I’m pleased to say.

One other thing I was shopping for on Monday was a nice top for the works christmas dinner, 2 weeks tomorrow, if I’ve got the date right? Black and pink the suggested colour scheme this year, fine for us ladies, but I’m not so sure what some of the men will make of it lol! No, I wont be wearing a pink dress, I’m not that much of a rebel that I want to cause a fuss with some, especially if some of the ‘big bosses’ might be there. Some might say I’m too moderate, but anyway…found a nice pink top over there, which will show off my curves (for what they are worth!), and will wear that with my black ladies suit, and leave it at that. But agreed, the top is definitely femme, so not overly moderate about who I am, all the same. I’m not a wild social animal anyway, so will disappear shortly after the meal back to the hotel where I will stay for the night. No, its not because I will be dressed very ‘en femme’ that I wont travel home afterwards, its just more hassle than its worth as public transport will be less than wonderful by that time of night. Theres a nice budget hotel just around the corner where I will be staying, suits me all round as I can get changed easily that way too. And yes, flat shoes, not high heels lol!

I’d love to do make up for the night, but I do it so rarely that I’m probably better off not bothering, especially given my ‘pass rate’ nowadays, its probably not all that needed, but might be fun all the same. So, if anyone in Leeds wants to help on the 8th December…No, wont hold my breath lol!

The other thing that annoys me is my hair. In a sense I’m lucky, I’ve still got a reasonable head of hair, if not perfect, at least I’ve got enough to look decent, if it is a bit thin. Sadly I cant convince the front to get long enough for a Louise Brooks type bob, nor has it really got the thickness for it either.

One thing I’ve contemplated is hair extensions. Not because I want to look like Rapunzel, with hair flowing down my back, but because with a bit more volume on top, I could do more with it style wise. Yes, alright, if I could get it done so I could style it into said bob…

Anyway, decided to be a little devil, what with the company dinner, and us here going out for Christmas day dinner too, and asked someone at work who does it, if she thinks it could be done for me, in such a way as to give me more depth, and she reckons it can be done, so I plan to give it a try. I cant honestly see me doing it for anything other than special occasions, even at her price, compared to the ridiculous sums charged at hairdressers, its not that cheap! But as they say, Christmas comes but once a year, and I dont do much socialising at other times of the year, so….might get eyelashes added too, but dont quote me on that one yet, so watch this space!

Staying blonde, though with ash blonde highlights. You never know, you might get a photo at some point, if I can get one done!

Right, the video. One or two might even spot an irony here, I once wrote a story by this name in a December writing contest on a forum, at least loosely based around the song. You can have the link for the video, not the story though lol! This comes from the good old days when proper Christmas records were released at this time of year, some absolute classics from the 70’s are still out there. The artist, you might have heard of him