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A different corner

I think its fair to say that if I was 25-30 years younger, or if I had a man who cared for me as much as Nicole does, then maybe I’d be taking the same step as she is doing on Thursday. Yes, thats right, that last element of transition to womanhood, that last big operation.

I wish her well, naturally.

Maybe one day I will feel the need to take that last step, but for now, given my age, given my single status, and everything else, I just cant face the hassle of going through all the necessary hoops now, especially given that I’ve lived as a woman full time for 4 years now anyway, twice the supposed required period for the next step. Irony, I know…

The funny thing is, when I first got to meet Nicole back in 2004, I was the one already living part time at least as a woman. And all I’ve done since then is move to living full time as a woman, changing my name, and gender in the process. Well, fine, the passport office says I’m still a man, but they are the only ones that do. Judging by the confused look I got at Atlanta Immigration in September, I think the guy thought there was a mistake with my passport!

But anyway…that last big step…hmm?

As I say, Nicole is a fair bit younger than me, and has a man that cares for her, so the transition makes a lot of sense. Me, maybe one day…who knows? Though I must admit, the idea of going to meet my maker, with that thing attached, doesnt fill me with joy! Maybe I should put it in my will that it gets cut off, pre cremation lol!

Anyway, just wanted to say, Nicole Woodhouse, my best wishes, admiration, and everything else goes out to you. Maybe one day you’ll be writing the same thing about me!

The video, something that gave me the idea, turning the corner in your life.

The other most exciting element of current news? No, I havent yet decided what dress I’m wearing on Thursday. At this rate, I’ll be taking more than one with me…rolls eyes! Just a shame, that given I’m getting my hair done, my make up done, that the weather forecast is so awful. Ah well…

Thanksgiving, and a white Black Friday

And so, the end is near, though the video isnt going to be My Way…well, not the one you’re expecting at least!

Yesterday, as I’m sure everyone knows by now, was Thanksgiving Day, here in the US. And for the first time in my life, I got to experience what that magical day is like.

It started off with what I gather is another US tradition nowadays, the Macy’s parade in New York City. Lots of hype, lots of over exuberance from the commentators, so I kept the volume low, and survived. Then, a little NFL, a phone call to start getting ready (into dress, and low heels), and then over to the home of my wonderful host, James.

The afternoon was wonderful, the conversation, his family, and the meal, all of them. If, and when I repeat this delight, no idea, but I’m so glad I’ve done it once in my life now, at least. Put it this way, I had absolutely no need to eat again after that until this morning!

Black Friday is a crazy shopping extravaganza, that now seems to start at 6 pm, on Thursday! Yes, I know, but thats the way of life nowadays, seemingly. Anyway, I ignored it completely, both last night, and today. So I headed off down town by bus, and went to the New York State Museum, for a very interesting visit. Then back into town, via the State Plaza, and a lunch break, and then finally back to the hotel.

Yes, with all the snow still on the ground, I didnt go out to eat tonight. I know, I’ll probably regret it, but… and tomorrow, I head back to the UK, James very kindly running me back to the airport. Hard to believe, its less than 2 weeks to the Work Christmas dinner.

Not only that, but by the next time I return to the US (Hollywood, next April, if all goes to plan), I should look even more stunning than now, as I will be a beautifully made up lady, looking even more like Jean Harlow, I suspect.

Last, but not least, I’d like to thank my 2 wonderful hosts on this trip, James, for letting me fulfil that dream of celebrating Thanksgiving, and to S, for letting me discover that I was indeed a Hollywood actress in a previous life, and for letting me find out how much fun life as ‘Jean’ can be.

The next blog, probably a jet lagged one from the UK, on Monday.

As I said, the video isnt ‘My Way’, but…

Stayed another night

At the Holiday Inn Express at Leeds on Thursday, but lets face it, its not a hotel review you’re looking for, is it? No, its the events surrounding why I was staying there that you want to hear about.

So, the preparations. Well, yes, the dress fitted fine, as expected, though the world would have been grateful for the fact I wore leggings underneath it, to both cover up, and protect my knees. Yes, it was cold, and they wouldnt have enjoyed the trauma of having that inflicted on them. Nothing to say about the scary sight of my knees anyway lol!

Then came the fun bit, putting on the wig. Which in fact worked, and didnt look too bad at all. Bit of a fight hiding all the blonde hair underneath, but in the end, I just about won the battle. Then I made the fatal mistake, I tried to put the headband on, over the top of it, oh dear! Not sure if it was the amount of hair (natural and otherwise) that I was trying to get it over, or simply the ‘jewel’ getting caught, but it wouldnt work as a combo. And then, giving up on that, I then couldnt get the wig to sit right again, aargh! So, finally I gave up on the wig, put on the headband, and went blonde.

The venue, well, unlike last year, everyone could see I was going with the flapper look at least, so one up there at least. The meal, didnt think it was up to last years standard, but still better than the previous place we used to go to! On the whole though, the night was pretty good, with the highlight entertainment being one workmate who quite literally bought Santa to the meal. He had told me in advance that his outfit was appropriate, he wasnt joking!

The hotel wouldnt in all honesty get a high rating from me. Bit like the meal, not as good as I remembered it last year. Added to which, I requested an alarm call that never happened, but luckily I was awake before then anyway.

So, all in all, I’m glad I went, even if it wasnt as good as last year. Will I repeat next year, assuming I’m still there? Probably, if only to see what someone wears then!

Sorry, no picture yet, I will try and get one done here tomorrow, so you can see the dress. But until then, you will have to stay another day with this video. No, not the Christmas version, I prefer the original in all honesty.

Its Christmas!!!!!! (well, the season starts here at least)

Yes, firstly, you aren’t seeing things, I have finally taken down the Boston Red Sox style page, and replaced it with something else, for a while at least. Its called retro, it looks retro too, so pretty near perfect for me, I guess?

I know, I know, strictly Christmas is still just over 3 weeks away, but the first (of not very many) social events for me, at Christmas is just 2 days away. Yes, the works Christmas Dinner on Thursday evening, in Leeds. Oh, and if anyone is prepared to do a mini makeover on me, on Thursday evening, so that I’m ready to leave the hotel somewhere just after 7, feel free to shout. No, alright, dont worry, lol.

So yes, guess what, have you seen the weather forecast for Thursday, especially around here? Ah well, at least I’ve got a good reason to wear leggings under the short dress, I have circulation issues, and its going to be cold. Oh, alright, I was going to wear them anyway, given all the surgical repairs my knees have had, but thats beside the point! 😛

Yes, hopefully I’ve got the look this year, that might have some wondering which decade they’re in, hopefully 1920’s. I thought I had last year, but some thought 70’s, or 80’s but less doubt this year, I trust? Yes, assuming I get some in time, I will post a picture of the look, so that you can get to see it for yourselves. No, I did resist the cigarette holder that so many flappers loved to carry, no point for a non smoker, plus you couldnt use it indoors nowadays anyway! My, have things changed in that sense! Then it was trendy to smoke, but now…

The wig will be fun, see how many do, or don’t recognise me with dark hair now, especially with a whole lot more fringe than they are used to. Flapper headband as well, should all be fun, and at least I know where I’m going this year!

So yes, as work would say, and as Slade sing, its Christmas! Well, the first dinner of Christmas at least. I’ll let you know how it went on Sunday, dont expect to hear from me before then. Right, the song is still mimed, but a later look version of the famous song than normal. Hard to believe this is 40 years old, and I bought it the first time it came out. I think its been released every year since, mind!

Flapper Girl

Yes, and the song title is in the title, just hope you’ve heard of this brilliant group. I must admit, I only discovered them by sheer fluke, when I typed those 2 little words into You Tube, and lo and behold, various options for this song cropped up, along with the usual historical stuff, including a few Brooksie ones, unsurprisingly.

Given that I know a few at work read this, maybe I shouldnt give the game away to them, but anyway…Yes, I found, and purchased a wig, classic bob look, with the fringe, and I plan to wear it to the Christmas Dinner at work, to finish off the look wonderfully. Hopefully I can get a picture or two taken, as last year, and if so, I promise to post some on here. Got a headband too, hopefully it works over a wig, pretty sure it will, as it seems a decent one.

So now I’ve got the dress, got the shoes, headband and wig. So all I have to get ready now, is me! Shouldnt be too hard to do, darlings! x

Well, unless someone wants to hypnotise me, and give me the 20’s mindset to match the outfit lol! Might be fun, but they might have to explain the internet to a 20’s babe first!

Well, theoretically the holiday is over, though I could have been working till 10 tonight (as I am next Sunday), but lets just assume…Though as I mentioned before, I’m off the next 2 days, as my days off for the week, and out to the theatre tomorrow night too. No, I’ll save the Flapper dress for another couple of weeks.

Tonight was out for a meal, being Eric’s birthday, and yes, despite the chill, I wore a dress, though a warm coat over the top. And hey, this dress is as long as trousers anyway, just not much protection up top, but the coat saw to that. Been told I should wear it again tomorrow night, so probably will, though again, I’ll need a coat over the top.

On other news, I’ve got some writing done this week, hoping to get a little bit more done the next 2 days, so I can hopefully earn a few more pennies (well, cents) on the ebook front sometime soon. And guess what, its set in the 20’s and involves a flapper girl. I know, I know…Anyone got a time travel machine, so I can find out what it was really like? 😉

Fine, the video. I always jokingly say that there is no decent, fresh music this century, and someone has to prove me wrong. As I say, I found the Lumineers by sheer luck, but I’m a fan. Judging by the awards they’ve got already, I’m not the only one.

Sweet old fashioned girl

Well, its the look I’ll be aiming for, at the Christmas Dinner at least. Snag is, whether I can pull off the sweet bit might be a whole different ball game altogether lol!

But the old fashioned look, most definitely, dress fits in so perfectly with that. The one thing left that I’d love to get my hands on for the night, is one of those wonderful black, helmet bob wigs, as modelled by the dummies in BHS in Leeds, and I suspect elsewhere too. Anyone know someone who works there, so I can borrow one? Or if some BHS worker reading this can get me hold of one, principally only for the night, I’d be so grateful. Yes, I’ll probably end up splashing out for one, knowing me! No, I think I’ll forego the cigarette holder though, thats a step too far lol!

And alright, I wont be so old fashioned that I wont be on the internet beforehand, something no one in the 20’s could have even vaguely dreamed about. But look for the do, oh absolutely, darlings! Make up is going to depend on the luck of the dice, as there is no way I will do it myself. If I’m off, I’ll probably get it done before I go, if its after work, it will probably be the scrubbed look, and people will have to live with it.

Yes, you’re right in assuming I’ll book a hotel room nearby for the night, same place as last year in fact. Two single beds, so if I pull (yes, you can stop laughing now!), I’m made for the night! I have two chances of that, even if I was interested, thats none, and less! Irony is, all summer long, I’ve been getting discounts offered for hotel stays, now I want one to appear in my email box, nothing! Still, fingers crossed, and there is a while yet, so…

Yes, the big date is not until the 5th December, but it was announced this week, hence the blog.

So, does anyone want a sweet old fashioned (flapper) girl? No, thought not! :p

Talking of which, there is a vintage fashion fair in Leeds this weekend, planning to go pay a visit after work tomorrow at 5.00, to see what I can find.

The video, a song older than me, and thats saying something. The star of the video, even older, boop, boop a doo!

Show Me You’re A Woman

Honest, this is the last posting about Thursday night, but I suspect there will be a few out there at least who want to see the dress, if nothing else. So how can I disappoint them?

Xmas Pic 2

I have to be honest, I noticed wearing heels more than I did notice wearing a dress in public, maybe thats because it just felt so normal for me? Not that they were uncomfortable in any way, but when you are tall already, being even taller does seem to get to you all the same. No, the world didnt end (though maybe more on that side comment in a fortnight?), no one even blinked to be honest, and thats despite wandering around for a few minutes trying to find the place to start off with, and indeed walking through the reception in the hotel, so clearly I pass, so I need to stop thinking about that. Did get one slightly funny look when in the ladies toilet, but that was it all evening. Oh, and where did those hips come from lol?

I could say the meal was a massive improvement on last year, but thats not necessarily saying much. But it was good, the food was good, it was served hot (unlike last year at Queens) in an efficient manner. Apparently it was 80’s night music wise, a lot of it sounded like they had found my old record collection, and raided it! No, I didnt dance though, for 2 reasons. Firstly, even in sensible shoes, I have 2 left feet when it comes to dancing, not a pretty sight. Secondly, I was in heels (albeit wedged type), and though I could stand, and walk in them just fine, trying to strut on the dance floor might have been a challenge too far lol!

The hotel, Holiday Inn, right by the Armouries, for those who know Leeds, or might be looking for a place to stay there, was very nice too. Mind, it was nicer knowing I’d got a good discount on the normal rate, for booking 3 weeks in advance, plus a 10% discount from on top of that. But couldnt complain about the room, service, or breakfast in the slightest, not that I’m the demanding type, but…

Fun will be that now everyone will expect me to wear a dress again next year lol, ah well…I probably will, but dont tell everyone that! 😉

The music, for those of you with long memories, you may have worked it out, especially given my love of Glam Rock. For those who dont, this is one of those Mud tracks that sailed under the radar, no idea why?

Queen Of Hearts?

No, I dont really expect to be on Thursday night, but they do say miracles happen lol! At least hopefully ‘thoroughly modern Millie’ can look quite cute at least, and I hope thats not just my opinion. But it has to be said, if this flapper girl wins the fancy dress prize, then some have got plenty to worry about!

Yes, as you might have guessed from that, the hair was officially bobbed today, though its the long bob (back of the neck) look, not the much shorter one that those like Brooksie tended to wear. And yes, its still blonde, unlike her as well, but I’ve had a death threat (kidding, I trust) if I didnt keep it that colour, so…I do like it, so it might not only be doing it for fun (another song hint) for the dinner in that case. Now, how many will even notice tomorrow, hmm…?

Already packed, as much as I can at least, due to being on a late shift tomorrow, and obviously an early start on Thursday, as I have do a shift before the dinner. Wonder if anyone will ask to see the dress, given I will have the overnight bag with me, with it in. I could be wicked and show them the back up pink dress that I’m taking just in case, but given I’ve found one of those spandex body shaper things I bought in San Francisco a few years back, that should give me the extra squeeze to get into the gold dress, should I need it, hopefully not, especially as all the accessories fit in with the gold look.

Its funny, if you’d told me 10 years ago that I’d be going to a works dinner, in a posh dress, I would have laughed at you, and thought you crazy, but now…Hopefully it will be great fun, and nowadays not only have I got the look, I’ve got the confidence to do it as well, which has to be quite something. Heels too, though of the wedge kind, my knees dont permit anything more drastic, even if I wanted to! My only regret is that the person who was going to do my make up for me cant now do it, they arent going after all. And no, I dont think I put them off lol! I dont do it, so no way do I want to do it myself, so thye’ll have to put up with the natural me at least, poor them! 😛 Unless anyone reading this knows someone in the Leeds area, prepared to do it about 6.30 Thursday at my hotel, in which case, leave me a comment, and I can pass on the hotel details.

One thing I do promise, I’ll let you know how it goes, though it will probably be Sunday before I do so, given my shifts for the rest of the week. Saturday morning maybe, but Sunday far more likely, my next day off.

The video, how many are saying Dave Edmonds? In which case I’ve played the joker on you tonight, because it isnt. 😛 Either click on the link, or check the categories for who it is…

Reviewing the situation

Well, they think its all over, the holiday pretty much is now! Back to work tomorrow morning and all that, hopefully the trains are running better than the week before this, not that it would be hard for them to do so lol!

Its been a good week, the batteries definitely feel a lot more charged, due to a number of decent nights of sleep in a row. How long that good feeling lasts now is another matter entirely though. Starting with tomorrow morning, but ah well…

Its funny, I’d already been ‘convinced’ that I should wear a dress to the works Christmas Dinner, I just wasnt sure I had anything that fitted the bill, but apparently I did. Though funnily enough, none of them will be worn on the night. Well alright, one of them will be taken with me, just because “the dress” is a size 12, and though I got into it once, I want cover, just in case. But given all my accessories are now gold coloured, fingers are crossed lol! Well, apart from shoes at least, but apart from that…cant see that happening now unless I find a pair by sheer luck. The main question now is to bob, or not bob my hair, not sure on that, but it wont be too short if I do, dont want to look “too much” like a boy, do I? 😉 The helmet fringe needs more of a miracle, than a decision all the same lol!

Christmas shopping, as far as I know, all I have to get, is got. Well, unless we do a ‘secret santa’ at work, and I get talked into it. I usually do, if we have one, so…I might have one small one to get yet!

The biggest bonus of the week was trying the Aqua Massager in Manchester. Even now, nearly a week on, my back seems great, and my knees are much better too, really amazed just how effective that has proved, with just a 10 minute session. Alright, I also had a normal massage the next day, but even so…

Which leads us to yesterday. A birthday in the house, a visit to the theatre, and I wore a skirt and heels in public, and the world survived lol! Yes, it was a long skirt, and the heels were of a wedge variety, but…it went well. No, I wont be wearing one to work tomorrow, back to trousers, especially in this weather! Oh, and flats, or boots, for sure too!

Next week, I get to wear a dress in front of workmates, that should be something, especially the ones from departments who dont normally see me much! Cant deny it though, the idea has got to me, it should be fun…I hope!

Oh, the musical I went to see. Well those who know these things may have got a hint from the blog title. For those who dont, it was Oliver, with Neil Morrisey as Fagan. And yes, there was 1 Bob the Builder reference slipped in lol! The video though, is the finale of the film version,


Well, in case anyone was wondering, the shopping trip to Manchester was fruitful, in more senses than one. As Meatloaf would have said, two out of three aint bad when it came to present buying, the third, I need to keep looking lol, and hope for inspiration. If not, nothing original I suspect! No, I’m not saying what, they might read this!

Oh, and the Aqua Massager thing comes highly recommended, its been a long time since my back has been as totally pain free as it is at present, and thats after just 10 minutes. Even the knees, and shoulder were aided as well, just a shame there isnt one of these more local. Mind, I should be fine for a few days anyway, had a more standard massage as well today, the body doesnt know whats hit it, I suspect!

No, I didnt find one of those fabulous flouncy ballgowns over Manchester, not that I was terribly surprised by that, but anyway…What I did find was the most perfect flapper dress in TK Maxx in the Arndale Centre, but I didnt get it. Two reasons, the main one it never went further than just off the rail, thats the price, it was £99! Probably good value for what it was, but for a one off for me, nope! Also it was a size below mine, so I probably wouldnt have fitted into it anyway. But before we say too much about sizing… I had spotted a lovely gold dress in River Island, distinctly 20’s style, but not in a 14 (UK, for foreign readers), only 12, or 16. £45 full price, so not really in my price range for a one off item anyway. But, there was a 12 there, half price because the gold waistband was twisted (I wouldnt have known if they hadnt told me), but me get into a 12, especially one with a waistband, couldnt see it. But yes, I went and tried it on, and it fitted, just about. Now I knew I’d lost a bit of weight, but… 🙂

And yes, readers, I bought it. Alright, because the bottom half is a bit transparent, I’ve had to buy a cheap pair of gold leggings, but…still a good deal. So now it looks like Stevie Lou, the flapper will be going to the Christmas Dinner. Hey, I even got my toenails painted today to match, though as I will be wearing shoes on the big day, most wont know lol! Now I’m pondering bobbing my hair, but not too short a look, dont want to look too much like a guy, do I lol? Shame I cant do the Brooksie helmet style fringe, that I’d love, but…my hair has its limitations. Someone did suggest a cloche hat, but you can hardly wear that at the dinner table, can you? And I will stay blonde too, think I might be in trouble if I dont somehow lol! I might look out for a hat anyway, just in case. 😉 Unless someone has one laying around I can borrow for the night?

And so, after the good news, the music video. The dress colour, and the title to this piece might be a giveaway