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Public transit, a little shopping, and lots of snow!

So fine, picking up from where I left off last time around.

Yesterday morning, at 11.00, I was picked up from my hotel by S, and whisked back to Worcester, to catch the bus back to Albany. Another entertaining chat en route, which led to me discovering that in fact ‘Jean’ was still in my head, and just needed releasing, to make a show. First S did it, just to sort things out between him, her, and me. More correctly, him, my sub concious and me, but that’s just nit picking. Next thing I know, I’m told to do it for myself, and lo and behold, here’s Jeannie!

But before anyone gets any ideas, there are only 2 people that can wake her up, S, and me! Carla is safely tucked away though, before anyone thinks otherwise.

So fine, I’ve quickly discovered that there is a firm that makes Trans Pennine Express look punctual, and that’s Greyhound buses! Anyway, we finally get away from Worcester about 20 minutes late, and head for the Mass Pike, and the journey home. Big snag, accident on the Mass Pike, was a crawl (or slower) for the first 10 miles, and we finally reached Albany 2.5 hours late! Consolation, the most wonderfully sweet taxi driver on the way home, lovely guy, got a better tip than I normally would give, for sure!

Fine, it was well publicised on the news, and on websites that Albany was going to get hit by a big snow storm about the middle of today. So fine, I went out early, and not far, to a nearby Mall. Alright, time for a little fun, I let ‘Jean’ go shopping instead. Now, that was fun! Main moment of amusement, well it seems that Jean possesses quite a Kansas accent. Slightly combined with my own, but predominantly…

Fun moment, when I mentioned about flying back to the UK to one of the cashiers, given my Kansas accent, she asked me when I moved to the UK. I muttered some random year, and just left it at that! Alright, I did think about getting my sub concious to swap me back, change accents totally, (and huskiness of voice) and confuse her, but I’m a good girl, so I didnt.

By the time I got back out of there, the snow was in free fall, with plenty on the ground. Sadly this morning, I’d lived up to my blonde reputation, and only gone out in shoes, and a medium ‘strength’ coat, instead of boots and anorak. I knew it was coming, so why I did that…no idea?

Its different, seeing so much snow, when its only November. The last time I saw this, was about 2000, in Kirkenes, Norway, and thats the other side of the Arctic Circle! Mind, that was the beginning of November, not the end, so…

Right, you’re now up to date, and no, despite the clearness of the roads at least, I’ve decided to forego the Ice Hockey match in town tonight. I’m not the biggest fan of the sport, but if the weather had been good, I might well have gone. But now…

The video, sums up today’s weather really.

Football players are wimps!

So, yes, fine, I know, you want to hear about Thursday night, but you’ll have to be patient, as something far more entertaining is happening.

OK, unless you’re an NFL fan, or you live in the Philadelphia area, you may not get it, so let me explain. Over here, it used to be the running joke that 2 spots of rain, and cricket would come grinding to a halt, at a professional level at least. Not quite sure if that was strictly accurate, but pretty close to it, all the same. Things have changed nowadays at least, though when it gets bad enough, they still come off the pitch.

Football (soccer for my North American readers) does at least tend to be played in the rain, though pretty often it doesnt take too much before the pitch gets waterlogged. As for the arrival of a flake of snow, well, thats it!

Tonight, on Sky Sports, they are showing the match from Philadelphia, and to say its snowing, would be a mild understatement, its an absolute blizzard there. But have they called off the match, or even delayed it? Hey, no! They play on. But yes, before you ask, its not really been the best game to watch, pretty much the opposite in fact. One score in the first half, wouldnt be surprised if thats not it for scoring in all honesty!

Oh, and in Green Bay, they are playing, and the current temperature is 11F (minus 12 for Brit’s).

So please, the next time they say soccer players are brave, playing in ‘whatever’ conditions, dont believe them, they have it easy!

The video, something apt for Philly

That back to work time

Yes, in all but the literal sense, the holiday is over. Lets face it, I wouldnt be working at 9pm on a Sunday anyway, so, yes, right, done and dusted! Just a shame the weather has been so uninspiring this week, but it is January, so what can I really expect? But even so, its not been the loveliest weather, even for January.

Tomorrow I get to have the fun of getting to and from work, which probably wont be fun. To be fair, most of this week has seen the public transport not being too awful, but they’ve probably just been waiting for me, so they can fall apart lol! Other shame is that its an early start tomorrow, as the video will say, 6 o’clock already, aargh, that will be me in the morning! In fact the alarm will be set just before that, but anyway…

The funny thing is, what is there going to be going on? Hey, at the moment, even the all weather racing is being cancelled by the weather, so…Whether this means work is relatively sane, or you get idiotic requests for football in Division 6 of the Fiji league, I have no idea. Given the intelligence levels of our staff, and the desperateness of punters to spend money, nothing would surprise me on that front!

Clothing, definitely trousers and winter boots tomorrow, thats the safest bet I can offer you! Skirt and shoes, ask me about that when the temperature gets at least to the high 50’s lol! Anyone got a coat with a heating coil inside it? So yes, the blog rate will return to a quieter level again after today.

So given its work, and knowing my luck, chaos on the trains, what could be more apt than

What will be, will be

And if you havent worked out the music video already, well, frankly I’m disappointed in you lol! Yes, it should be that obvious I feel.

No, it didnt snow overnight, or not as I could see, anyway. What it did do, is snow this morning. No, we dont look like Vermont, or the Rockies, but for a while there, it was white. And given it snowed most of the morning, I gave up on going to Manchester at an early point, expecting the total breakdown of public transport to follow soon after, even if I had fancied wandering around Manchester in the snow, and hmm, maybe not? ūüėČ Funny thing is, it never really got nasty, the buses and trains kept running, and eventually, it even stopped snowing!

So, determined to at least get out, and get some fresh air, I ventured out into Huddersfield, if only to see if there were any interesting snippets left from the sales, as an aside to getting said fresh air. My main plan had been to have a look around Manchester first, and if nothing took my eye there, but, anyway, best laid plans and all that… Clearly all the best stuff was gone, apart from one top that I considered in BHS, I didnt see a thing that really grabbed me at all. Mind, I do need inspiring when I dont really have a major need, and it wasnt working. Then, last stop before home, Bon Marche. For me, they’re a bit like Peacocks and Dorothy Perkins, nicer than Primark, but that little bit more pricy too. Yes, I know, better quality, but I’m a Yorkshire girl, with small pockets lol! But they had a sale on too, and alright, I boosted their economy lol! 3 Nice tops, 1 pair of trousers, and a nightdress later, I was helping the local economy! Then, finally heading back for the bus, I spotted a new (to me at least) charity shop in a little precinct, and I found a long leather(ish?) skirt to my liking, at a silly price, as charity shops do. Oh, and I found the shoes to match the gold dress, long after the event. Proper heels too, but definitely not high ones. They fitted, so…No, I dont know why either, given I have no idea when I will be wearing a dress again, but I couldnt resist.

So now, before I even get to Manchester (tomorrow, if its not dangerously icy by then), I have even less needs lol! But yes, still going, I might find more in the larger size stores over there, plus my knees need that Aqua Massager even more after today! As the song says, Que sera, sera…lol!

Just another winters tale

Yes, hopefully for some at least, a dead giveaway for the video at the end lol! Mind, given the song is 30 years old, maybe not?

Well, given the current weather conditions, it looks like winter has definitely arrived already. Hopefully just for a few days, but…? Its rain thats caused the carnage with horse racing so far this week, but now, given forecasts of frost and ice for the next few days, the reason might change, but the abandonments probably wont!

I noticed it tonight, waiting for the bus to bring me back towards home, it was very cold just standing there at the bus stop. So alright, we’re nearly into December, so what do I expect? No, nowhere exciting, but the nails are now freshly painted for next week, and the body has been thoroughly waxed too. No, not totally hairless below the neck, a few survived around the private parts, but otherwise, smooth as a baby’s bottom lol! Booked the hair in for colouring and trim on the way, but no, havent yet made the call on to bob, or not to bob just yet. Facial booked for Saturday morning, as my skin is getting a bit dry, hardly surprising at the moment. Yes, a Saturday off, no idea what happened there lol!

I would say that this time next week, I’ll be packing, getting ready for the big night, but havent checked, I’m probably on a late, so maybe not? The funniest thing is, most of the people who were asking me what I was wearing, dont seem to be going. I find that funny, I must admit. I didnt tell them, didnt know then, before my holiday,¬†so dont blame me for putting them off lol! Oh, and the lovely person at work who told me I “would” be wearing a dress on the night, havent seen her yet to tell her that she’s going to be proved right!

No other big news at this point, more a case of I wanted to update the blog when I got the chance, not likely to occur again before Saturday, and have a good idea what that will be about, American College Football. Dont quote me on that though, if Linda should find a facial that leaves me looking like Louise Brooks (20’s/30’s look, before the¬†cheeky comments start)¬†after Saturday, I might just have to post that instead lol!

And so to the video, as mentioned the song is 30 years old, but he looked cute back then. Whether he still does today, no idea, but for everyones entertainment

Let It Snow?

With comments from James, he seems to have deserted me of late lol. I suspect he’s busy, at least I really hope thats all it is.

Not for the first time this winter, they are forecasting snow for around here. Mind, they were last night, and temperatures didnt even drop below freezing! We did get a bit of very wet, sleety stuff as I was coming back from Doncaster, but that quickly turned to rain again, and well, that was it! Personally I’d rather not have any, especially when I have to travel (back to work on Tuesday), but given the time of year, and the fact I’m on the edge of the Pennines, its going to happen at some point! Hopefully, if it does, it will be when I’m not working. The chances of that, though…rolls eyes…

Yes, lets say the holiday is over, even if work might say otherwise, given that Sunday is part of our working week. But for me, thats it. Its actually been a good week, had a few trips out, and though some (especially me) might say I’ve spent too much in the shops, well, its all been stuff that will be useful at some point soon. Thats my excuse, and I’m sticking to it lol!

I’ve even, shock horror, found time to write another story today. Something a bit different, but thats always fun to do, I must say. Whether its any good, thats not for me to say of course.

But lets give the weather forecasters their moment in the choice of music tonight, but I hope they’re wrong. Who, me, a Doris Day fan, surely you joke? ūüėČ

Winter Wonderland

So alright, thats a slight exaggeration over here at present, but in terms of this winter at least, its beginning to feel that way.

No, no snow as yet, though plenty of frost, it must be said. It has now barely struggled above freezing, but only just, and at 2 in the afternoon, its not going to stay that way for long! Mind, given that 1 Facebook friend in Fairbanks, Alaska has been reporting temperatures well into minus fahrenheit (think it was -42 yesterday), we really havent got anything by dropping down to the balmy climes of mid twenties lol!

The trains did fail to¬†run yesterday morning, but that was down to signal failure, not due¬†to three grains of snow on the line! But give them time, I’m sure that will happen! Thankfully, as you might gather from this, I’m off today, so can avoid the cold. Unfortunately I’ve got to be in work tomorrow for 8 am, so I’m going to notice the cold then! I’m not looking forward to being up before 5, believe me!

I also know that its going to get worse before it gets better, and compared to many areas of the world, this is a mere cakewalk. But for us wimpy Brits…lol! But yes, I’d still love the chance to work in the North¬†Eastern corner of the US/Canada all the same, despite the temperatures, and weather there. Seattle might be nicer though lol!

I hope the weather is better the week after next when I’m off, but knowing my luck, it will be 6 inches of snow then!¬†I’d hate to have to arrange a ‘boob job’ for the week as the only alternative to being indoors all the time lol!

Alright, weather whinge over, for now at least. Whats that, music video, did you say? Well the title is a dead giveaway, or it should be by now at least given my style with the postings I do. The artist, well… Think carefully about which blonde I’d love to look like, and which era is the ‘age’ of said look I’d love to be. Got it? If not, click the magic button and find out

Oh, go on, be a devil and click the link anyway!