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Looking forward, into the past

So, yes, fine, its time to stop concerning myself with job hunting, and the like, for a couple of weeks, and look forward to what happens on Wednesday, the flight to Los Angeles, and even more so for me, the stay in Hollywood. Yes, I know, Jean preferred to live in Beverly Hills, but anyway…

Strictly, there is one more job thing before then, got a phone interview at some point tomorrow, but that will be it. One face to face interview on the 30th, after I get back, hopefully after tomorrow, that will be 2!

But yes, when most tourists fly into L.A for a movie related holiday, they are thinking Disneyland, and Universal Studios, and I have no great plans to visit either, far too modern for me. Now, if I could visit MGM, in the 1930’s lol!

So yes, as things stand, with the exception of the baseball game (and Vin Scully is pretty vintage there!), I will be looking back into the past on my trip. The walk of fame stars, the most modern one I’ll be looking for, is Doris Day! The oldest, Mary Pickford, and Clara Bow, I should think. Yes, one or two in between, especially Jean’s!

The Hollywood Museum, as things stand, with a Twitter friend, who knows my love of Harlow, and wants to be there when I see all her stuff, and swoon probably. April is wonderful, and why I already have a picture of Jean’s star, but want to see it for myself. Jean was tiny though, couldnt get into her stuff, even if I was allowed, or tried!

I also plan to get up to Forest Lawns, where she is buried, and pay my respects, though by all accounts I’m unlikely to get that close to her last resting place.

There is one more golden moment I’m looking forward to, a chance to meet the actor, Bruce Glover while out there. Yes, anyone who remembers ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ has seen Bruce, plus lots of other work too, but thats probably the most famous one. I was going to go to one of the acting classes he runs, but have got invited to a private meet instead, which is just a total wow moment for me. The idea I’m going to ring, speak to, and meet a movie star, as I say, just wow!

But no disrespect to anyone (unless Jean’s spirit wants to arrange a meet), the thing that has me most excited, is a party next Saturday, this one.

Yes, that amazing birthday present from James, and Kate. Feel free to say hi, if you are there, and see me.

I have the dress, or I will have, assuming I can be zipped into it, at least. Its a back zip, and with my hands, there is no way I can fully pull up a zip behind my back. So, when she returns tomorrow, I’m going to see if Nicole can zip me into it, and if so, I’ll rig something so I can zip it up myself. Fingers are ‘so’ crossed that works. My plan is to go for the Mae West look (not far off Harlow, only fuller figured, like myself) for the evening, hair, and make up, care of a local salon that has good reports.

One last thing, where the movie is old, but the surroundings are modern, that I’ve been invited to

Celebrate! One Year of SoS w/ Nibbles, Networking, and Dance, Girl, Dance!

Friday, Apr 24, 2015, 6:00 PM

MiMoDa STUDIO @ Paper or Plastik Café
5772 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90019 Los Angeles, CA

22 LAFREEBEES Attending

6:00pm Nibbles and unofficial networking.7 – 8pm Networking: We’ll be doing above and below the line introductions and wants/needs/projects (such as “I’m a director looking for a script supervisor”, or “I’m a script supervisor looking for work”). It’s a great way to meet people looking for crew, let people know you’re available, or tell folks abou…

Check out this Meetup →

Yes, it will be last, its the evening before I fly back! Well, unless I make the right contacts, and then…lol! I guess, Jean Harlow, or Mae West mark 2 might happen, but seriously? But look how Jean got her big break, so…!

The video, great artist, and summing up how I plan to see LA, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood


Well, in just 5 weeks from now…

Well, around the time I guess I will finish writing this blog, I should be at Atlanta airport, trying to grab a decent coffee (and probably some cake) before catching my connecting flight to Los Angeles, and my hotel in Hollywood, hard to believe it will be so soon. OK, fine, short of something amazing happening, this will be an out of work person heading for Hollywood, in a reasonably luxurious manner, but hey, I might as well get some pleasure out of the redundancy pay off, might be the only thing I do enjoy out of it!

Yes, the seats are a grade up on economy, for the second time in my life, though not as extravagant as I would have done, had I got the money, and already had a job lined up. So no, not business class, but what one calls ‘economy comfort’, and the other calls ‘premium economy’. The hotel at least, my normal sensible budget type, though I must say, for me, Quality Inns quite fit my needs.

But then comes the burning question, how wisely should I spend while I’m over there? After all, I’m only likely to get to Hollywood (and Beverly Hills) once, so…No, I dont mean in the sense of Universal Studios, and Disney, those things hold little interest for a vintage loving girl like me. No, what I mean, is if I get the chance to live the vintage life, should I do so, and to some degree, ignore the extra cost?

No, I dont mean drinking champagne at the swanky hotels. Well, not unless someone has fallen for my charms (ha ha), and is paying for it. What I do mean, is something like this.

Now, that would be fun, but given I should be spending pennies wisely at that time (of course I could find a job between now, and then, but no breath holding around here), is that just a silly spend of money I should be saving? I know what my ‘inner Harlow’ would say, go out, have fun, and enjoy yourself, just for once. But my ‘outer, practical Yorkshire lass’ is likely to have a fit at spending money on something like this, at a time like this. Of course, going to something like this might be my big break in the movies, so… (yes, I am joking at this point)

Mind, the funny thing is, if I’d still been in my job, I wouldnt have been extending the trip, and couldnt have gone anyway, it would have been happening the evening I landed in town. Technically, the other practicality should be, packing of clothes, especially nice dresses. And yes, normally when I go away for a week, I can pack comfortably 1 case going out, and just about squeeze everything in coming back. And yes, this time, its 10 days! Thankfully, because I’m travelling in ‘luxury’, I can take 2 cases. No, I’m not planning on 2 large cases, I’m not that strong. But 2 medium cases, given that I will get taken to the airport, and collected at both ends (that wonderful person, Nicole at this end, and one of those shuttle things in LA), I wont have to get cases too far. So, packing an extra dress, or two…?

The other thing that concerns me, is going somewhere like this, when I will quite literally, as a visitor to town, know no one. Also, I’m a non gambler (well, apart from Grand National), and like Ms Harlow, I’m not a good dancer. But…the chance to dress up, 30’s style, in Hollywood, can I seriously resist that? Possibly not! I know, Jean wouldnt care less, and would soon make friends, but this is me, so…just let loose my inner Jean, I guess, and see what happens?

So, if anyone just wants to post a comment, telling me I really ought to just go wild, and enjoy myself, feel free to do so. Hey, use a false name, or anonymous, just say something! I know people read these, I see the stats! I feel I should, but its just the thought of spending money, in this way…aargh!

OK, piece over, lets cut to the video. A group I love, recorded in LA, of a song I love too.

Dress To Impress

Fine, a question tonight that might be more apt for ladies, but there must be men who hold interviews who know the answer to this. Why, the black dress? And if not, for job interviews, what colours are considered apt to liven up the occasion?

Yes, I’ve clinched the maths part of the test for the internal role I want, but lets face it, that was never going to be my weakness, was it? Interview is tomorrow afternoon, and as things stand, its going to be my black dress, and high heels.

Not that I mind wearing the dress (well, its not that warm at this time of year, but anyway…), and the heels will only go on shortly before the interview, but it led me to thinking, is a black dress the only ‘suitable’ colour for a job interview, for a lady to wear? There must be more, but I just cant decide what!

No, I have no plans to wear a flouncy, Jean Harlow special, but wearing something more colourful, if permitted, might just be fun! But is it, and if so, should I go out and buy a second black dress, just for a bit of variety? Because hopefully, with all the job interviews ahead of me (Ha ha), I might fancy a change. But can it be done?

Anyone with a suggestion, before about 11.30 tomorrow morning GMT, feel free to do so, and I’ll see if I’ve got anything suitable. I know one thing, the taxi driver is in for a treat tomorrow night when I bowl out in a dress, instead of top and trousers!

As for the interview, convincing someone who knows me, that I know enough about football to cover that side of the job, should be interesting. And no, I refuse to use cleavage as a secret weapon lol!

The video, one of those numbers you never think about, until you want a stylish dress option. Wombles take on Hollywood, and though Jean isnt in it, there is most definitely a Mae West moment, which I love.

Oh, and wishes of good luck are permitted too, all you lurkers!

Not getting married in the morning!

Yes, I know, I really wasnt expecting some beau to come and whisk me off my feet tonight, but a girl can dream. Seriously, no, it didnt happen, big surprise. Ah well, there is always Kansas City, wouldnt be a more apt place for it to happen, though I guess Hollywood would be a decent second prize, for a Harlow lookalike lass.

But yes, the sparkly blue dress, the high heels, all got worn when I went out tonight. Seriously, I’m amazed how easy it is to walk in heels, though that doesnt mean I’d want to wear them for the full length of a working day, and I certainly wouldnt want to have to run for a bus wearing them, that is for sure! But for a couple of hours, for a nice meal, with friends, absolutely.

And yes, it is nice going out wearing a dress, dont do it often enough, but I dont get that many chances, but must take at least 1 nice dress away with me in September, I must say. I did last year in Richmond, but given it was the night I was flying solo, I saved Kate from that sight. Maybe this time around…I’ll see what she thinks! As nearly all over there treat me as a woman, I’m sure it would be fine, but I must respect her views too. Plus, how many dress up in finery nowadays to go out for an evening meal, anyway? But yes, for me, its fun to do.

And no, I havent even looked at one of those dating sites, I really dont think I’m the romantic kind, even without ‘other issues’!

The video, well, this is more than 50 years old, and maybe it shows? But then again, so am I, so maybe that shows too? This is a lovely song, if not my favourite version. That is by 70’s group, Middle Of The Road, but I cant find that on You Tube, well not via the search engine, anyway. So lets go with the original Shirelles version

Or as an alternate (or extra if you’re greedy), a version by my favourite Bradford band, Smokie

PS Seemingly the 400th blog, wonder whats the most anyone has read, other than me?

Watch out boys, here she comes…

There may, or may nnot be an element of tongue in cheek in this piece. Your call, depending on how brave you are!

Though I wont exactly call it dressed to kill (no make up, due to my hand tremor, but otherwise…), I will be dressed up tomorrow night, thats for sure! Dress, high heels, the works, boys, you are warned! So, unless you’re feeling brave, maybe avoiding a restaurant in Huddersfield about 5.30 tomorrow night, might be a wise move. Of course, there may be some men (or indeed, women) out there who fancy the challenge of me as their beau?

The dress, yes, given the hot weather at present, I’ve pretty much settled on the dress I’ll wear, a glittery 30’s style blue dress, to stun all the men in town, until they are worshipping at my feet. Yes, I think that last comment is of the tongue in cheek kind! Though, in life, you never know…

Yes, someone’s birthday, so off out for a meal with the group from here, should be good. I know, high heels. Should be fine, I havent got too far to walk in them, and I’ve managed in the past, so…

If anyone is crazy enough to want to come and woo me, ask for the details of venue etc, I’ll let you know. Fine, I wont wait for a rush of requests lol! Lets face it, currently, even if you’re into Harlow lookalikes, I have one little snag, unless you’re a surgeon, in which case, you can probably solve it quite quickly!

No, I’m not going into Cougar mode, in all honesty, I’d be better off with someone closer to my own age, but its fun to suggest otherwise. I do wonder, if I put up some of the more attractive pictures of me on one of these ‘match making’ sites, whether I would get replies, even if I mentioned I was pre op trans, who knows? Possibly get a few more if I advertised as a woman, but I dont feel that would be fair, or possibly a safe move.

But yes boys and girls, sexually active (at present) I might not be, but sexually confident, or is that sexual gender confident, you bet I am! Fine boys, I promise to be a gentle little kitten with you, honest I will…maybe? 😉

The video, what could be more apt?

Is it really about the racing?

Yes, that so called big meeting that starts tomorrow, Royal Ascot.

Agreed, to some degree, it is about the racing. High class animals racing for huge prize money over the next 5 days, and punters, and bookies hoping to make their fortunes over that period. But lets face it, for most of those folk there, especially in the Royal Enclosure, the racing is a sideshow.

Yes, its that time of year when people shell out fortunes on suits, hats, and dresses, so they can be seen, somewhere in the proximity of the Queen, or other associated members of royalty. Thats on top of the highly inflated figures to get into the racetrack, and the food and drink when they get there. And thats before they even place a bet!

But its being seen, darling, and thats all that seemingly counts!

Thankfully, at work we dont have to dress up in a similar fashion, even if it might be fun seeing certain workmates dressed up to the nines. No, I dont think Leeds is ready for me in a posh dress, high heels, and a flouncy hat lol! Correct that, I’m pretty sure they arent, and I certainly would want to commute in the rush hour dressed like that anyway!

So, yes, it will be a crazy week at work, though for me, not until Wednesday, as I’m off tomorrow. Me, I might have a trip out tomorrow, but it will only be locally if I do, and I certainly wont be dressing up in style to do so.

Oh, the video, its not strictly related, but it certainly fits in, of sorts.

York Races

Well yes, we’ve come to that point in time of the year, the first big race meeting at York. To be honest, its about 20-25 years since I last went there, so have no idea what its like now, I only know it was a lovely place to go racing back then. The funny thing is, despite my job, my main concern about it over the next three days will be all the extra people on the trains, heading to and from York. Lets face it, they are crowded enough at the best of times, and it will be even worse then! Fortunately tomorrow, I’ll miss it all, as I’m on an early shift, so the only crowding I will face either way is of the commuting type, because I finish at 5, the same time as the last race, so will be gone by the time they come through. Friday will be the same, only less so, as I’m finishing at 4. Thursday might be ‘more fun’, not going into Leeds, they will all be through by then, but I will catch up with the stragglers at 9.00 in Leeds, thats for sure, far worse for drink by then, I’m sure.

No, no tips, havent a clue.

The thing that amuses me though, is all the dressing up that will be done, by the ‘fine folk’, and ‘less fine folk’ heading for the races. Yes, all the lasses wear dresses, and heels, and probably a hat too, and put on a fine show. Well, most of them do, at least until the alcohol kicks in, and then for some at least, all bets are off!

But yes, you’ve guessed it, what really tickles me, is the thought of what would happen if I turned up dressed suitably for the races. Yes, I could put on a dress, you’ve seen the evidence in pictures before, and I could certainly wear heels too, if I had to, though more likely wedge than high, especially as my knee is a bit tender at present, having given way for a few moments last night. No, its fine now, just a few scrapes really, thats all, but…

Would they let a transgendered woman into York, in a dress, with not a word? I guess it would depend on the ‘test’, and the persons attitude, wouldnt it? In a way, I suspect the greater challenge would be the other folk in the stand, especially when they’ve had a bit too much to drink, or lost a bit too much money? I have no idea whether any trans folk have gone to Royal Ascot or not, and what the reaction was. I suspect not in the Royal Enclosure somehow, but I suppose it might have happened, someone young, and very convincing…?

No, I have no plans to find out anyway, as you’ve already gathered, I’m working the next 3 days, so not going to get there anyway. I havent actually been racing in this country in about 12 years, and its not likely to change soon, unless I get invited by someone. Might actually be fun, getting dressed up and going to the races I guess, but for now I’ll settle for watching it at work.

The video, absolutely no relevance to the blog at all, just simply a video you must watch if you havent seen it already

Things are heating up

No, not my love life, dont be so daft! Not even for Valentines Day! Actually, its that other great British subject of debate that I’m talking about, the weather.

Today, its snowed on and off all day, more on than off in all honesty, which kept me in, because though I might be blonde (of sorts), I’m not stupid. Well, not unless I put it on for show, and thats not often lol! Currently the temperature is about freezing point, by tomorrow afternoon its supposed to be about 20 degrees higher, so…Yes, I know, I do mean Fahrenheit, I spend too much time in the US to think in Centigrade, thats my excuse, and I’m sticking to it! 😛

No, I dont think I’m yet planning on skirts, and heels, and short sleeved tops, but that point might be getting nearer I guess? Maybe if I was on a day when it was warm when I left, and warm when I get back, then maybe the shoes would be tempting, but given I’m leaving here before 7.30 tomorrow morning, I suspect boots will win the vote, though not the fleecy winter ones this time around…? Might be tempted tomorrow morning, but I know they’ll be too hot coming home, and at work, so…We will see on that front, but definitely trousers still, thats for sure. Besides which, I dont want to be trying to sort out a skirt suitable to wear early tomorrow morning, and as my trousers are handy…Shoes and boots are all readily available though, so… 😉

No, I’m not planning on wearing a dress to work though, I’m not that outrageous…yet! Besides which, how many women wear a dress to work nowadays? Might wear a dress out on my birthday dinner day, just over a month, but a lot will depend how I feel at the time, and the weather, especially as its a Saturday, and there might be a few idiots about. I know, I know about passing and all that, but its the football season, and if Huddersfield are at home that day, there might be even more idiots about lol! Its rare to actually get my birthday off (its an extra holiday entitlement at work) as it normally clashes with the Cheltenham Race Festival, but this year it doesnt. Valentines dinner date tomorrow, dont make me laugh!

Ah, the video. Well, what could be more apt for tomorrow than this? Yes, this might be the last for a few days, as I’m back to work tomorrow, unless something amazing happens at least. I did think of using the Killers cover version, but hey, the original video is just so good. So, who are the perfect couple for tomorrow? Might just be these two.

Lol, those who get an email when I blog will get an extra edition tonight, free of charge. I had a blonde moment, and posted it on here, instead of my other one. Will confuse them if they come here to read it though lol! The rest of you will just never know! 😉

Show Me You’re A Woman

Honest, this is the last posting about Thursday night, but I suspect there will be a few out there at least who want to see the dress, if nothing else. So how can I disappoint them?

Xmas Pic 2

I have to be honest, I noticed wearing heels more than I did notice wearing a dress in public, maybe thats because it just felt so normal for me? Not that they were uncomfortable in any way, but when you are tall already, being even taller does seem to get to you all the same. No, the world didnt end (though maybe more on that side comment in a fortnight?), no one even blinked to be honest, and thats despite wandering around for a few minutes trying to find the place to start off with, and indeed walking through the reception in the hotel, so clearly I pass, so I need to stop thinking about that. Did get one slightly funny look when in the ladies toilet, but that was it all evening. Oh, and where did those hips come from lol?

I could say the meal was a massive improvement on last year, but thats not necessarily saying much. But it was good, the food was good, it was served hot (unlike last year at Queens) in an efficient manner. Apparently it was 80’s night music wise, a lot of it sounded like they had found my old record collection, and raided it! No, I didnt dance though, for 2 reasons. Firstly, even in sensible shoes, I have 2 left feet when it comes to dancing, not a pretty sight. Secondly, I was in heels (albeit wedged type), and though I could stand, and walk in them just fine, trying to strut on the dance floor might have been a challenge too far lol!

The hotel, Holiday Inn, right by the Armouries, for those who know Leeds, or might be looking for a place to stay there, was very nice too. Mind, it was nicer knowing I’d got a good discount on the normal rate, for booking 3 weeks in advance, plus a 10% discount from on top of that. But couldnt complain about the room, service, or breakfast in the slightest, not that I’m the demanding type, but…

Fun will be that now everyone will expect me to wear a dress again next year lol, ah well…I probably will, but dont tell everyone that! 😉

The music, for those of you with long memories, you may have worked it out, especially given my love of Glam Rock. For those who dont, this is one of those Mud tracks that sailed under the radar, no idea why?

Queen Of Hearts?

No, I dont really expect to be on Thursday night, but they do say miracles happen lol! At least hopefully ‘thoroughly modern Millie’ can look quite cute at least, and I hope thats not just my opinion. But it has to be said, if this flapper girl wins the fancy dress prize, then some have got plenty to worry about!

Yes, as you might have guessed from that, the hair was officially bobbed today, though its the long bob (back of the neck) look, not the much shorter one that those like Brooksie tended to wear. And yes, its still blonde, unlike her as well, but I’ve had a death threat (kidding, I trust) if I didnt keep it that colour, so…I do like it, so it might not only be doing it for fun (another song hint) for the dinner in that case. Now, how many will even notice tomorrow, hmm…?

Already packed, as much as I can at least, due to being on a late shift tomorrow, and obviously an early start on Thursday, as I have do a shift before the dinner. Wonder if anyone will ask to see the dress, given I will have the overnight bag with me, with it in. I could be wicked and show them the back up pink dress that I’m taking just in case, but given I’ve found one of those spandex body shaper things I bought in San Francisco a few years back, that should give me the extra squeeze to get into the gold dress, should I need it, hopefully not, especially as all the accessories fit in with the gold look.

Its funny, if you’d told me 10 years ago that I’d be going to a works dinner, in a posh dress, I would have laughed at you, and thought you crazy, but now…Hopefully it will be great fun, and nowadays not only have I got the look, I’ve got the confidence to do it as well, which has to be quite something. Heels too, though of the wedge kind, my knees dont permit anything more drastic, even if I wanted to! My only regret is that the person who was going to do my make up for me cant now do it, they arent going after all. And no, I dont think I put them off lol! I dont do it, so no way do I want to do it myself, so thye’ll have to put up with the natural me at least, poor them! 😛 Unless anyone reading this knows someone in the Leeds area, prepared to do it about 6.30 Thursday at my hotel, in which case, leave me a comment, and I can pass on the hotel details.

One thing I do promise, I’ll let you know how it goes, though it will probably be Sunday before I do so, given my shifts for the rest of the week. Saturday morning maybe, but Sunday far more likely, my next day off.

The video, how many are saying Dave Edmonds? In which case I’ve played the joker on you tonight, because it isnt. 😛 Either click on the link, or check the categories for who it is…