That was a week that was?

Anyone looking for cheery news, look away now! At least now I know what happened last Tuesday, though fine, I might wish I didnt. Yes, fine, I had a seizure, OK? How do I know this? Well, could be because I had another one on Friday, just maybe? On a Blackpool tram of all places, before I got to wear my ‘Clara Johnson’ dress and all. No, I dont remember a thing, and from what I’ve heard, thats for the better! So yes, the perfect place to spend your birthday, a hospital bed.

The good news, as you might have gathered by now, I live. The bad news, I have a distinct speech issue, which when thats your job, not good. To put it politely, I sound drunk. Considering I havent had alcohol in 18 months, thats not real. But it sounds that way, and when your voice is your job, I wont be working for a while, if not an awful lot longer. Doctor has already signed me off until end of April, and thats only for starters, clearly. Like the hospital staff, when I suggested early medication retirement (I am 61), the Doctor looked at me as if how I could be considering anything else. So yeah, PIP here I come! Oh fine, yes, my co-ordination is dreadful too.

I must say, that apart from one thing, the Blackpool Victoria Hospital was lovely to me, and the others visiting me. That one thing? Well, they stuck numerous canola’s into me, covered them up, then missed one at removal. Yes, its gone now!

So fine, what a week it was, after the week I was hoping for. No, I dont think I’m blaming Clara Johnson’s ghost for events, though I do wonder…? Probably the end for speaking roles, unless things improve dramatically with my voice, but makes me perfect for mannequin roles, or full body suit, non speaking parts, just saying…

Oh, do you want the biggest irony, the seizures have improved the state of my back! No idea why, but its true! But if its one, or the other, then yes, I’ll have the bad back! So yeah, that Clara Johnson moment remains a challenge!

OK, video time. Not quite as old as me, and yes, my dears, this is an old fashioned jukebox, complete with single record… But yes, its definitely been…

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  1. Angie Sutcliffe | Reply

    Oh hun I was so worried about you as the only info I was given was that you had been taken to hospital, no reason why or what had happened, I kept asking Cathryn n everyone if they had heard anything and sent you the message on Facebook and I was so scared that the worst had happened as I didn’t get a reply back, it must have been a terrible time for you and your friend and I know it’s not an ideal situation and I’m truly sorry that your speech and coordination has been affected but I thank Gid that you are still with us, I thought you had died 😢 I’m so, so glad you didn’t, and I know your disappointed about not getting to wear your dres but when your better we can get together n il find you a dress to wear and take some fab photos of you, promise, big hugs lovely lady and get well soon xx ❤️🙏

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    1. I had no internet, and too out of it (planned I believe) to use my mobile phone anyway. Certainly could never have texted! Didnt see Facebook till I got back here. Yes, when I recover, and I suspect it will be slow, we can sort out a Clara Johnson type moment, and photo then.


  2. James Hart Brumm | Reply

    So sorry to hear all this, but so glad you’re on the mend. We’re both praying and hoping you feel better soonest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m alive, thats something at least. Have suspicions it wont be great news when I get it, but will have to wait and see


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