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To all my US readers, reading this on the day, Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, as I said previously, was Transgender Day of Remembrance. Lets just say that here in the UK, yesterday, as far as one TV channel was concerned at least, was Transgender day to forget!

Someone at work told me yesterday that there was a programme on Channel 4 last night, called Trans Kids, and asking if I was planning to watch it. All instinct was to say no, I wouldnt watch anything on TV relating to Transgender issues, as its usually road crash TV, and for me at least, best avoided.

However, feeling brave, or more correctly crazy, and given there was nothing else on, I gave it a try. In truth, the first 20 minutes or so wasnt too awful, and I thought maybe I’d been wrong about C4. No, I wasnt, as from there, the show went very quickly downhill, somewhere towards the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

I had a bad feeling when the presenter, speaking to a couple in their forties, of whom the father of 3 children had transitioned to a woman, she asked her wife, if that made her a lesbian. No, her husband changing gender does not change her sexuality in the slightest, you stupid woman! The wife seemed shocked, said no, just stating that they still lived together, but were no longer a couple. Unfortunately, the presenter couldnt just leave it there, and accept they could happily live together, with no sexual interest.

After this, the presenter went into a lengthy piece about how she was a tomboy as a child, and that maybe she should have become a boy. No, it just meant you were a tomboy type, you daft woman! Thankfully she didnt transition, though transitioning to a human who could think logically might have been a blessing!

After that, the show went into deep dive, going to a meeting of a bunch of extreme feminists, who dont believe that women can be women unless they were born one, the irony that none could see was that one of their spokespersons was a Trans woman, who couldnt see that they wouldnt believe in her. She seemed to think she was the only Trans Woman who was genuine, oh good grief!

Just when you thought they couldnt sink any lower than that, it did. Its fair to say the TV company had set things up so that a bunch of militant millenials, supposedly supporting Trans Women were protesting outside. All very angry, all wearing masks, and naturally the 2 sides came to blows. Mainly verbal, but anyway… Didnt show either side in a good light, and helps to explain why I just do my own thing.

To be fair to the presenter, she did query whether some children starting to transition are doing it all too young. I hate to say it, but the answer is yes. Pre puberty children dont have a clue about such matters, as a life long experience, and should do nothing before the age of maturity, in my opinion, be that 18, 21 or whatever, where you are?

If at that point, you’re sure you should transition, and are happy to go through due processes, fine! But no 14 year old should be making a decision that will affect the rest of their life, before their body settles down hormonally.

Sorry, but next time, I’ll be sensible, and go back to avoiding these shows like the plague.

OK, video time. Lets do something a little out of left field, to match the TV show. It is 20’s, and if I was young enough, I’d love to wear that dress, but…

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