I could have walked all day

In case anyone was wondering, its a play on the video title, which pretty much summed up a lot of my day yesterday.

Fine, firstly, it would be remiss of me to not mention an event that happened earlier to day in the 4 UK capitals, which was a march to celebrate the centenary of the first ever date that some women could cast a vote. It was about another 10 years before all women could, but 1918 is remembered for the suffrage, so…

Oh fine, all you really are here for, is the weekend. The train journey to Blackpool was uneventful, other than that Northern Rail provided a train for the journey from Halifax to Preston that wouldnt have looked terribly out of place in the Edwardian Era. Fine, that might be a slight exaggeration, but not by much! I guess the train was nearly as old as me, and that is the truth!

The guest house was lovely, the only snag being that I picked the one room that had separate beds for me, and Eric, and unfortunately, it was at the top of the house. Yes, he made it, but next time (and we’re most definitely going back there again!), they said they will sort something out, so we can be ‘modest’ but sleep on the ground floor, which sounds good to me. Lets just say it was rated 4.7 out of 5, and my only query would be why so low? Lack of a suitable computer table would seriously be my only issue!

We brought back old times on Friday evening, going to an Indian Restaurant, which Eric reckons is the first time we’ve been in an actual one since we left Leytonstone in 2005. Not sure thats correct, but anyway…Yes, very nice meal.

So to Saturday. I left Eric to ride the trams, and I headed for the pier, and spotted a few of the others waiting. Seemingly no one had told the pier people we needed early entry. Unfortunately we attracted the interest of one guy who wanted to help us, and we had to be sharp to get rid of. Friendly, but slightly crazy might be a fair description of him. But then we got in, and yes, headed to the theater, and the chorus girl changing rooms. Yes, probably just like Clara Johnson knew them, with 2, 3 or even 4 of us in a changing room, getting ready. I’d seen my dress in advance

Outfit for tomorrow

And yes, it was as gorgeous as it looked, complete with hat, and gloves. Hampered by the looks of the wearer, but anyway…

Pier Day1

I spent the morning helping out with the craft stand, in the Sun Lounge, and lets just say it got hot, especially dressed like that. Oh, the Punch and Judy man, one of the couple running our guest house! After lunch, I briefly went back there, while covering for the person doing that role for the afternoon was having her lunch. But then I was free to promenade up the pier, like a fine Edwardian lady, accompanied by a ‘companion’, and lets just say we had our photos taken more than a few times! During this time, I was asked if I minded covering the front desk for the last hour or so, as someone had to leave early, so of course I did! The amusing moment here was, that firstly, my companion and I were so busy looking out for people with cameras, and then when on the desk, so busy looking for children to hand out the free ride tickets to, I missed Eric twice! Focused, darlings, focused!

Then, eventually, back to the theater to change back to modern life, but only after a group photo, of most of the remaining volunteers had been taken. We all said out goodbyes, until the next time, then went back to the ‘real world’. Going in, Edwardian, out, looking modern, and back along the pier lol. I did wonder if some people who saw me after I’d changed back recognized me as the Edwardian lady in purple, or not?

There is one wonderful lady, among a lot of wonderful ladies, and men, that I just want to show you her outfit, and you can blame her for tonights video. The outfit was gorgeous, and she went up on the stage, and sang wearing it. Yes, it could be the song in the video. Sorry, you will  have to put up with Audrey Hepburn singing it though

Pier Day4

And thats it, until the next time at least. Beyond the Film Festival early next year, currently I have no idea when that will be, but as Arnie said, when it does, I will be back! How I will be dressed then, who knows, but pretty sure it will be fun!

Oh, that song that ‘A’ sung, from My Fair Lady, well…if you hadnt guessed…

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  1. Thank you sooo much for your kind words, Harlean, I had a wonderful time yesterday and loved seeing you all again 😀. Standing on that stage was a dream come true.
    As Iv probably mentioned, I used to be a Tour Guide at Coronation Street and I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful man who wrote the best loved soap in the world, Tony Warren, Tony also wrote other books which he stated had nothing to do with Coronation Street and insisted that the characters in his book were not him, I however have always believed that the young boy in the book who met a young girl right there in a Blackpool boarding house many years ago was actually Tony himself. The story tells how the two young children, urged on by the love of the Theatre, acting, writing and the bright lights of stardom sneak into the dressing rooms belonging to the chorus girls, once inside they are befriended by one of the girls and are in awe of her beautiful sparkly dress, the smell of the greasepaint and beautiful lady herself and that it seals it for them, the wonderful world of entertainment is the road ahead for them both.
    That theatre was, non other than the theatre on the North Pier, the very one that I plucked up the courage to step on to, dressed in the most beautiful burnt orange velvet suit, frilly blouse and feather adorned hat I could have imagined, it was surreal, I knew that Tony Warren had visited that very same theatre and had been in the same dressing rooms that both myself and my lovely young son had used to change in that very day, but standing alone on that stage, just my son and two ladies as my ‘audience’ was something I’d never dreamed I would do, without thinking, I opened my mouth and sang, the song? Yes, “I could have danced all night”, I’m not sure who was most shocked, my son or myself, he had never heard me sing and I had never sung in public before, in fact I always thought I couldn’t sing and had never felt confidant enough to even try, yet there I was on my own, centre stage, singing lines from that well known song from My Fair Lady.
    I truly felt like I was Eliza Doolittle 😀, What an experience, it was like Tony Warren himself was there whispering in my ear to “just try, just go for it, just do your best”.
    I may never get to actually perform on a real stage or sing in a real production, but for that one tiny moment, I was Eliza and I was the star of the show ❤️ Thank you x

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  2. For me, the magical moment was the whole changing in a chorus girl dressing room, just like my past life self must have done numerous times. I suspect some of them were slightly more ‘bitchy’ occasions than Saturday was, mind.
    Who knows, that chance to perform for real might happen yet. I dont know of any ‘Phantom’ in the theater at Blackpool who might have been watching you, but who knows? So delighted you got the chance to do that, anyway. I have a friend in Florida who used to dance in Vegas, who reckons she’s going to try and set me up to do the whole chorus girl look, and routine. Like you said, I have no dancing talent, in my eyes, but who knows what will happen when in role?
    Just so glad you got to do that on Saturday!


    1. Angie Sutcliffe, stage name Edith Reubens | Reply

      Oh Harlean, you have written, “like you said” about your dancing skills, I would never say that about you my dear friend, maybe I’m reading it wrong or you could put it in a different way? You might feel that way in your own eyes but I wouldn’t dream of making such assumptions, u think both of us need to gain some self confidence and perhaps put a little routine together, what do you think? My Mum God bless her was a Tiller Girl when she was young and danced in the chorus line on stage, alas she had to give it all up when her own Min passed away from TB 😔 so she was sent to work on the cotton mills to make ands meet, in memory of my dearly loved Mum I would love for us to dance in her honour if we get the chance 😀

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  3. Sorry, it was me being blonde, and reading your post too quickly this morning, thats all! Sadly, my dancing skills would be limited or less, but thats more due to my back issues, and 2 surgically repaired knees than anything else. I would be delighted to try and dance in her honor, though I make no promises as to how good I would be, but I’d give it a go! I’ve acted on stages more than a few times, though nowhere major, so yes, bring that side of it on! To the next time we meet, in that case! 🙂
    Wouldnt be surprised if 1 or 2 others werent game for that too!


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