Killing me softly with her story.

I guess its a natural tendency of the internet world, that we have friends, who we have never met, are never likely to meet, but at the same time, love dearly, and enjoy what they do. Tonight’s piece is about one of those people, someone named Betsy. Well, fine, I know her as Betsy, but whether that’s her real name, I have no idea. What I do know, is that she is a great writer, and I’m thrilled to be an online friend of hers, even if it never goes further than that.

Anyway, just over a week ago, she sent me a piece for approval. Not because it mentioned my name, let alone my full name, but fine, to anyone in the mind control story writing field, they’d know it was about me! I did object to the name she’d used for me. Fine, Seraphina might be a lovely name to some, but doesnt work for me. So I offered a few options to her as alternatives, and she decided on Maria. Yes, Metropolis robot connection, very apt for me. So last night, I found this on the archive update:

Yes, any resemblance to me would be entirely deliberate, I’m sure. In truth, Wakefield indoor market used to be one of my favorite places to shop, but I havent been over that way in over 2 years, and I know it was threatened with closure at one point, so I have no idea if its still there or not? In her defence, I have my doubts that Betsy has been there, but hey, I wrote a story about Hollywood before I went there, and another involving ECT, without having had the treatment lol!

No, for those that dont know already, I’m not telling you my author name there, though if you want to know, ask. Maybe that can get my ‘stalker’ in the US to write to me, if they’re curious lol!

No, I dont know how like Rhia that Betsy is. Nor I suspect will I ever know, for sure. But the little I know about her from our writings to each other, I think I would say, yes, there is plenty of Betsy in her! Though I should add, as far as I know, she doesnt control minds! But seriously, anyone who can use Letsby Avenue as an address in a story (think about it), is someone I love, in that non physical sense at least!

So yes, Betsy, I may, or may not ever meet you, but one thing is for sure, stories like this will always guarantee you a special place in my heart, all the same.

OK, the video. Big clue in the title, I guess? But no, its not the version you’d probably expect of an old wrinkly like me, its the Fugees version. I have no idea why I like this so much, but I do. Mind control, hmm?

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  1. Yes, I agree. Online one can develop real friendships without ever having to meet. I have very few such friends and I’m glad to say you are one of them. I simply wanted to thank you for the conversations and how you’ve put up with me. And no, Betsy is not my real name, but it is old American slang for ‘gun’, actually from the flapper days as I understand. I assume you know this though. Anyway, that’s a big reason I like it.

    Your rejection of ‘Seraphina’ was a big blow for me, as I worked long and hard over that selection. However, that’s the sort of stuff I have to put up with when you’re around, so I changed it. (I once made the mistake of asking her to give her true opinions and she’s complied ever since.) I actually made the name Maria work by adding an appropriate surname which is basically ‘robot’ in disguise (cue for a certain brand of toys?). That’s the sort of stuff I have to put up with.

    I’ve never been in Wakefield Indoor Market, even though I lived in Wakefield for a few months. I based the story market on The Bigg Market in Newcastle.

    As for me being like Rhia? I never thought of that. I certainly don’t have, and never have had, long blonde hair. Or short blonde hair. Or blonde hair in any form whatsoever. So, Rhia can’t be me, can she?

    And thank you for your sentiments. Rest assured, they are reciprocated.

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    1. I did know the gun thing, but that didnt necessarily mean that Betsy wasnt your real name, all the same. No, of course Rhia cant be you in that case.
      Yes, we all have name issues to deal with from time to time, as will be discovered when I post the blog tomorrow. I was looking for someone under her first name, but when you use her middle name instead…? 😉


      1. We seem to have a connection. My next story depends on two people’s middle names.


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