Fly high and proud, but try not to fall

Oh fine, much though you might want to, its hard to ignore what happened on Tuesday night. I cant say I wanted Trump to win, but hey, thats the system in the US, and we have to live with it. I know, the person with the most votes loses, because of the electoral college system, but thats the rules, and in fact last happened as recently as 16 years ago, so its hardly exceptional!

But yes, in an ideal world, like the Brexit vote (ha ha), people should accept the result for what it is, and just get on with it. I know, doesnt happen, but anyway…

But this isnt about who won, who lost, and how they did it. No, its about the mixed metaphors of the Trump/Pence team to us LGBT folk. The thing attracting attention within the community this week, seems to be Pence’s stance towards gay folk, and ‘converting’ them to hetrosexuality! Yes, its a crazy idea, and one of those wilder right wing Christian ideas, though fine, someone around here might actually enjoy that electroshock therapy! 😉 But ignoring that…Do Bi folk get half dose, or double dose for being awkward lol?

But seriously, not good!

But, the opposite arises when you look at Trump, and what happened back in April, when the whole Bathroom Bill fiasco blew up in North Carolina, he actually came out against it! Said things should be left as they are, so… where do you really stand, Donald? I suspect that as far as North Carolina goes, we are going to have to wait to see if McCrory survives as Governor, which seems questionable at present, but we’re not going to know for a week or so on that, due to all the absentee, and provisional votes, and…rolls eyes! But yes, as we talk, he’s losing, lets hope it stays that way!

Me, of course I’ve now got a female passport, which may, or may not complicate things more, not got a clue! But yes, at least my ID says I’m female, so…? But where do others stand? Me, I would say if you havent got ID in your desired gender already, I’d get it soon, just to be safe. Donald might fool us, and be more of a fan of LGBT folk than some think, but in truth, he’s spouted so much over the last 18 months, I wouldnt guarantee anything! Equally, on stage when electioneering in Colorado, he was seen carrying a rainbow flag on the stage, that he asked someone in the crowd to give him. Well?

Of course, if I was 25, stunningly pretty, with an East European accent, then he’d probably be inviting me over to stay lol! More on invites tomorrow, in all probability! But yes, fine, maybe its best that my 2 trips to the US next year will be California, and New England!

Video? Well, lets have a bit more Elkie Brooks live this week, though this might be a lesser known song for some?

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  1. James Hart Brumm | Reply

    I don’t suspect Donald Trump is a fan of anyone but Donald Trump. However, if he sees an advantage in leaving the LGBTQ population alone, he will.


  2. You’re probably right on that, I guess we will just have to see what happens?


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