Anniversary today!

Firstly, dont think I’m short changing you today, because I’m not, I’ll be back with the more thoughtful blog later!

But yes, however much I jibe at Facebook for all those ghastly ‘on this day’ stuff that they inflict on you, today I got one that definitely piqued my interest. Yes, it was a year ago today that Harlean Stephanie Carpenter came into the world. Yes, by deed poll, not by any other means, though fine, I’m still open to anyone who wants to transform me to looking like the other Harlean Carpenter, then fine, lets go for it lol!

I would say it was the day I officially embraced womanhood, but yes, fine, in terms of everything but the passport, that had happened a long time before that. And yes, the passport took a couple of months to sort out, even after that, so…

Yes, thats right, as planned, I didnt hang around after I got back from Hollywood to get the deed done!

So, yes, happy anniversary, Harlean Carpenter, and happy trails to my former self, both in name, and gender!

Video? Well, what people dont need to do any more, about my old self, and gender, I’m certain!


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