Stormy Weather!

I’m sure most people have noticed that Hurricane Matthew has been blowing its destructive way across the Caribbean islands, and up the East Coast of the US by now. If not, why not, as its been on the news everywhere. My sympathies go out to all affected by it, I might add.

Firstly, last night, I briefly tuned into the college game going on in North Carolina, and to say it was wet there, would be putting it mildly. They battled through the game, though I gather, hardly surprisingly that the weather had an effect on the quality of play.

So fine, at 9.00 in my time zone, I wasnt surprised to find out that the baseball game in Washington had been wiped out by the weather, even if it wasnt as bad there as further down the coast, it was bad enough! Ironically, thats an advantage for me, because its now being played (as I type) in Washington, and I can watch it all, as opposed to last night, when I would have missed the end of it. I also got to see Game 1 (middle of the night job) on a recording, as the TV channel had to fill the space where it should have been, so… Yes, this Dodgers fan is hoping they can win again tonight!

I’ve also just heard that due to weather (remnants of hurricane, I suspect), the game in Boston tonight will now be happening tomorrow! What I get in coverage tomorrow night, depends on a result I will only discover in the morning, might only be part of the Dodgers game, in LA, before bed, or I might have a game in Toronto too, pretty much in full.

I’ve never been in a hurricane, tornado, or anything like that, and I’m happy for it to stay that way. Seemingly I’ve experienced a couple of (very minor) earthquakes in LA, but nothing that anyone would even comment on, in that area at least. Yes, I just hope they’re not saving the big one for next May lol!

OK, video time. Maybe completely asexual, and lesbian preferring bisexual wouldnt be so interested in this sort of event, but hey, its a very apt, classic gay anthem, so…

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