Tell Me On A Sunday, Please

Despite my complete lack of a competitive nature, mentioned recently, I still enjoy doing sports competitions nowadays, even if my research is a little more limited than it used to be, given I can no longer get hold of sporting newspapers, and the like, to garner information.

But yes, there are some sports I’m betting at, than others! The craziest, is horse racing, I seem to be able to read jump racing decently, but as has been proven this summer, flat racing leaves me blank. Doing so badly this year, that of serious entrants, I’ve currently got 1 behind me. Yes, that bad! Yet I can get close to the Top 10 when it comes to jump racing, ah well…

Football/Soccer (depending on where you’re reading this) is a sport I have zero interest in, but given a stat based formula seems to work for it, I’m never going to set the world alight, but I do OK.

NFL is something I can do OK on, though given that with a few exceptions, any team can win, any week, I suspect a fair amount of luck is involved in that?

However, there is one sport where this number crunching machine seems to do well, golf. Yes, the Betfair competition, where you pick 5 players for each tournament, and get points for your best player, I made the play offs, which started this week, just like the PGA, though only 12 of us play on, for 8 more rounds, to declare a winner. Regular season, I came 4th, out of about 30 regular players. Yes, 3 prizes, so no working out where I’m not going to finish lol!

More incredibly, is the one on CBS Sportsline, where you pick 1 player from each of 4 tiers for 20 odd weeks, and score whatever your players score. So yes, being the US, there are about 35,000 players in there. Me, as I type this, 26th! Yes, wow! I might fall, or rise a few places yet, but done OK, sure have.

Why am I good at golf? I think its because if there was ever a stats related sport, its this one. Players like certain courses, and if they’ve done well there in the past, they’ll probably do it again! So yes, number crunching past results in tournament, course, and current form (all easily available in these internet days) seem to bear fruit.

So some think I know my golf, but me, I know its just my number crunching skills, really. Just like a computer, or a robot, or… 😉

The video. Usually when golf results are declared, though of course, next week, in the US, it will be Monday, because the bank holiday is a week behind ours! But generally…

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  1. Interesting post, Stephanie. I’m also a bit of a number cruncher with the golf. But unfortunately for me, last few weeks it’s been more like “Don’t Tell Me On a Sunday”!

    Actually, you might be interested to read the Q&A I did after winning Fantasy Race To Dubai last year:

    Maybe you’ll be telling a similar story after the CBS Sportsline – or have you just got one more week left? Be sure to let us know if you win it! (I’m still milking my R2D win and I’ll be dining in on it for a good few years yet lol)


  2. CBS one finished after the Barclays, came 28th in the end, pretty amazing. Your piece is great, congrats on that, hope it was a super trip.
    Think I’m too far back point wise to win the BF comp, not really competitive enough to start making silly picks just to win, will stick to my game. But yes, loving that. Enjoyed this Sunday, for sure!


  3. Cheers Steph. I didn’t go to Wentworth because I was becoming a dad. They offered some alternatives, including next year, so we might go then. But I did receive a nice set of golf clubs. Might get around to actually playing golf some day.

    I’m 185th in this year’s Fantasy R2D. I’ll be throwing the kitchen sink when we reach those final 4 tournaments. Last year, someone almost pipped me from way back by picking Andy Sullivan as captain in the final tournament. So anything is possible.

    Lately I’ve also been enjoying the PlayON fantasy where you pick teams of 7 players and score points based on birdies, eagles etc. These are daily/weekly comps with entry fee and cash prizes, so it’s kind of a fantasy betting exchange. Must say, website is a bit ropey and they take an age to settle, but it’s quite fun. And what I’ve learned there in the multiplayer game (around 100 teams), is that percentage picked is really important. So paradoxically, I kind of have to pick a worse team in order to have a better chance. And I love that sort of thing!

    Anyway, congrats on doing the double which wasn’t a double!


  4. Nothing to do with golf, just had to share my favorite version of this (well, favorite as in it makes me sob like a baby everytime I hear it).

    But IMO, nobody does this better than the incomparable Michael Crawford…


  5. Yes, he is absolutely brilliant, as always. In truth, I went for the Marti Webb version as she was the original artist to sing it, and besides that, I owned the single of that version too.


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