Can I have my hour back?

Yes, for those of us in Europe at least, this is the weekend that the clocks ‘spring forward’ into summer time. I know, American readers will be saying they did that a fortnight ago, but for us over here in Europe, tonight marks the moment. So yes, I’m going to lose an hour of sleep tonight, grumble, grumble…

Fine, I know, in theory, we get it back at the end of October (or early November in America?), but just at the moment, that seems a long way off. But ironically, strictly, I never got my hour back last year, or it certainly didnt seem that way at least. In a sense, I arrived back in the UK an hour earlier than normal when I returned from LA, but the actual extra hour in bed, nope!

You might have guessed why. The weekend before I flew back from LA, at the end of October, the UK clocks ‘fell back’ by an hour, but of course, the US moved the clocks back, after I’d flown back, meaning I missed out on that extra hour of sleep. Now I’m going to lose another, ah well…

Another boring detail, this year is the centenary of the first year that the UK changed their clocks, for summer time. I gather it was to aid the war effort, by giving factories an extra hour of light at the end of the day, for workers to produce materials, to help the war effort. I guess nowadays its hard to believe that there was a time when clocks stayed on GMT the whole year round. Nowadays we spend less time on GMT than we do 1 hour ahead of it!

I suppose the only consolation is, that after tonight, I can get back to normal, for 7 months, on time differences to the US, a small blessing at least. Then again, for a week, or maybe 2, I will have to juggle my time differences to the US again. Well, unless, by some miracle, I’m living over there by then! I know, stop laughing…Hey, at present I’d even settle for missing it, because I can afford 4 weeks in Hollywood, which I cant envision at present. Mind, this year, maybe the whole of October wont be a good time to be over there, given it will be just before the election! Still…

Lastly, as always, the video. The other night, I had a brief session on You Tube, of artists who died too young, and not at their own hands. So tonight, one of them seems very apt. This man died at the age of 30, in 1973, when a small plane he was on, crashed soon after take off. What we missed out on, I’m sad to think. Oh, and as much as I can gather, it wasnt too long before that fateful night, that this was filmed.

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