I Get Knocked Down

…But fine, I’m doing my best to get up again. And fine, though Mark Zuckerberg hasnt offered me $53 million yet, in truth, he hasnt actually given it to Kanye, either! Me, if Mark wants to offer me $5,300, I’d survive for quite a while thanks. So as a relative bargain lol… Talking of which, the most amusing thing I’ve read is that someone has set up one of those ‘Go Fund Me’ campaigns for Mr West, with a target of $53 million, which at the last count stood at $35! Well, at least I havent got that much debt yet! No, I havent got plans to start a similar funding campaign just yet, and doubt I could even raise $35 if I did!

So fine, after being firmly told on Monday morning that my chances of being thrown out on the streets was nil, I’ve tried to battle back. Thanks go to the 3 people who told me that, they will know who they are, anyway. I actually managed to revive one of those jobs I turned down last week. So much so, that I had an interview there yesterday. First place I worked up here, in my original role, we will have to wait and see if I can get through the interview process there again, at the moment. I think it went fine, but given my record on such matters, lets wait and see! I have also signed on again at the Job Centre today, in my new name, which caused chaos with their computerised signing on system, as my name, and therefore my signature is completely different to the one they had before! In the end, I did a paper signature, much easier for me, in truth.

I have also signed up for Rent Benefit, though I have no idea how long that might take to come through, and the bank account currently has next weeks payment, and thats it! No idea how things will play out after that, but I wont be looking for shelter, at least. There is the matter, that even if I get this job, I wont get paid for a month, but I suspect plans are made to cover that too? Maybe I should start a ‘Go Fund Me’ account, and beg to Mr Zuckerberg lol!

Seriously, if anyone has any reasonable offer of work they want to make me, feel free to offer it. As long as its legal, and you want me to give it a go, try me! Clearly, inbound call centres, data inputting, or basic retail stuff are the main options, though something out of left field, and different might just shake me out of things. Relocation? If accommodation is thrown in, why not? Oh, and less seriously, if anyone out there wants a ‘female’ partner to care for them (and to care for), and maybe more, then shout too! You might have to be patient, or tamper with my mind to get me interested in sex, but hey, the latter would be something I’d enjoy, at least. And yes, I’m open to the whole D/s thing, as a submissive at least. Turning me into a Domme would take a similar degree of mind tampering lol! Fine, I know…and yes, I would enjoy that mind tampering, has to be said.

Fine, lastly, the video. Yes, the clue is in the title, but a live version, which I was surprised, and delighted to find. Hopefully, you’re never going to keep me down! Well, unless you turn me into a submissive, and then…lol!

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