Ticket To Ride?

OK, I’ve got a conundrum to try and sort out, and I cant say its doing anything for my sanity.

At the beginning of last week, I applied for a job with a building society in Bradford, and just rashly assumed that their head office would be in the centre of town. The advert for the job just said Bradford, at their head office, so I thought, fine. Then they sent me their details, for a proposed telephone interview, on Thursday, and I saw their post code, and realised thats not the centre of Bradford, but about 3 miles out of town! So I took a look, and the only consolation was that it was at least on my side of Bradford, even if not easily reachable by public transport. At which point, I took the consolation that given my record with competency based questions, on phone interviews, it probably wouldnt go any further.

Anyway, Thursday came, and so did the phone call. I thought I did OK, but no more, but I’ve thought that before and been told my answers weren’t good enough. So, when I got a call back on Friday morning, I was expecting my usual answer, that they were taking it no further, but no, they fooled me, invite to an assessment centre next Saturday!

Yes, I’m going, I have my reasons. Firstly, I can find out whether in reality, in the middle of Saturday morning, just how hard it is to get to by public transport. There would still be a major difference between doing it for 11.15, and doing it for an 8.00 am start, or after an 8.00 pm finish, but I can see how bad it would be. There is a second reason to my logic, because in truth, I know the first isnt going to work. Simple, they also have a vacancy for a customer service role, in their branch in Huddersfield. Fine, that would be face to face, not over the phone, but I’ve done it before, so…?

The only other feasible option would be to move out from here, and move to Bradford, but thats not really a road I want to go down, at this time of life. I know I live in a pretty solitary manner, but there’s still a difference between living alone, and having people around, should an emergency arise. There is also the problem that I couldnt raise the rent, plus deposit for that at present anyway! I still have the outlet that I probably wont get through the assessment centre, on past record, and if I do, they might give me the option of the Huddersfield job, but…? Never rains, but pours lol, which with the weather at present, is quite true!

The other snag with this job, is the financial one. Even if I get it, and I can do the travelling from here, it doesnt start until 7th of March, by which time, the money funds will pretty much (if not totally) be bare. And thats right, I wont get paid until the end of March, so…help?

So yes, if I feel like screaming loudly, and ending it all, can you blame me? Mind, if someone wants to put me somewhere safe, far away from all this, I should hopefully have a passport again very soon!

Right, the song. Big clue in the title lol!

2 responses

  1. Can you get unemployment or a temp job until the end of March?


  2. I’ve been on lists for temp jobs ever since I got made redundant, and apart from 2 weeks, not had anything in 10 months. I think I might have a few weeks left of my 6 month allowance (I never reapplied after mid September due to holidays), but couldnt do anything until the new passport arrives for ID anyway


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