One of those different job interviews

And not just because it was the complete opposite in style to the one I had on Monday either. I’ll be honest, I went in with no great expectations on it, expecting it to be more of the same, but hey, I was wrong, in the end, it was fun! Doesnt mean I’ll get the job, more on that shortly, but at least I managed to leave it behind, probably in a better frame of mind than when I went in, and thats very rare.

No clues, to start with that this would be anything out of the ordinary, just the standard application form, and… Then we went downstairs as a group, and were presented with a letter writing challenge (not a first, part of customer service job would involve writing letters/emails to clients, so… The thing is, I’d looked up a bit on the company in advance, so knew a bit about them. Snag was, the questions in the accompanying quiz were about the collections industry, not the company. I knew a few answers, guessed a few others, so we will see.

First interview (there were 2 guys, each doing their own thing) was standard enough, asking questions about what I’d done, what I could bring to the company, and all the other standard stuff. At the end of that, I was told the other guy would also be interviewing me, and I assumed that was where the dreaded competency stuff would kick in. Wrong!

I’ve heard tales of interviews out of the left field, but this was actually my first experience of one. Fine, it started off with an easy question for me, the perfect job. I decided to go left field in reply, so rather than astronaut, or mad scientist’s guinea pig, I went with a 1930’s actress. Original answer, which he seemed to enjoy. Fine, he fired back, asking me to describe the colour yellow, to a blind person. Well, I went in for things like the warmth of the sun, and a field of daffodils, and was told I’d done far better with an answer to this, than most.

So yes, scarily, I walked out of a job interview, feeling like I’d had a good time, despite the quiz. I may, or may not get the job of course, but for once, I wasnt frazzled when I left the interview, a rare event.

Today, at 8.40, I applied for a job in Halifax. Half an hour or so later, I’m being asked if I can go to a group interview in the morning. Yes, its a big company, so its going to be done in a more traditional (modern) way, and not fun. Then after I get back, the passport will go into an envelope, get taken to the post office up the road, and sent off recorded delivery. When I get return delivery, my passport will say I’m female, going by the name of Harlean Stephanie Carpenter. Yes, another special moment.

Tonight’s video. Well, it relates back to the first of those delightful ‘left field’ questions I got asked today, a real blast from the past!

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