How to make someone feel old

Yes, me, before you ask.

I had a job interview this afternoon, and lets just say I dont expect to get any positive news from it. Why? Nothing to do with my talents, or skills, or the way I performed, I might add. No, its the fact that virtually every other line she used in the interview mentioned that it was ‘a young office’ I would be working in. And lets face it, I’m not young, and pretty sure thats what she was getting at. Fine, actually, she was right, I did take a look around the office as I was leaving, and I grant you, I dont think I saw a face above 30, to be honest.

For want of a better brief description, they are an online business (though they do a have a couple of small outlets) selling all sorts of electrical appliances, from laptops, to kitchen stuff, to new gimmicky toys, so I guess it would attract younger, more internet sales savvy folk than me! Fine, there was one section that amused me, for all the wrong reasons. Yes, Drones Direct. Sorry, as a writer of sci-fi, I tend to think of another kind of drone in that case, the mindless, obedient ones lol. Of course, those are those gadgets that fly around the skies, generally annoying folks, and occasionally doing other things. And fine, they arent the type of drones that more appeal to me, I must say.

Well, now to be honest, it looks like my old passport has just got one more journey out, before the change of name, and gender happens on that front. Yes, not heard anything more at this point about Wednesday, so beginning to assume thats not happening. So tomorrow, I head for screening at Covance, under my old name, then on Wednesday, the passport can be dispatched, the last moments as Stevie Lou Nicholls, in any sense of the words. Then in the New Year, Harlean Stephanie Carpenter will be free to frolic, and apply for jobs, and everything else, as a woman! Yes, passport and all! And when I get some money in, I can plan that first flight, legitimately as a woman, cant wait!

Oh, one fun moment on that, before I close. I tried to add money to my credit card, to pay for the passport fee. But because the funds came from Miss Carpenter, not Ms Nicholls, they sent it back. Thankfully by going into the Travel Agency, I was able to deposit funds, and problem solved! Funnily enough, I told them the reason I was doing it, and their reply? If I send them a scan of my passport, in my new name, they could change the details. Err, read the email, stupid…rolls eyes…!

Video for tonight. What this place really wanted for a job interview, not a middle aged lady like me. Well, maybe you dont have to be single, but…

Oh, I love the blonde’s dress!

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