Goodbye, Stevie Lou, Hello, Harlean!

Yes, I know, formally its been changed for a while by deed poll, but one annoying document has been holding me up from the full transformation into Harlean, the passport. To be fair, I’ve been using Stephanie up till now on the whole, with the ‘job from hell’, and other places, but I might decide to embrace the name, Harlean more fully when all my paperwork says thats me! Hey, if I dont, why did I make it my first name lol? Then all I need is a matching Harlean Carpenter/Jean Harlow neural makeover…OK, fine, but I can dream! 😛

The snag with arranging to get the passport changed over, is the obvious one. When you are job hunting, you need ID at every point, to prove you are who you say you are, so normally, even for 2 or 3 weeks, being without a passport is pretty much out of the question. Oh, and fine, I was waiting for the magic letter from the Doctor, but seemingly that was purely a confusion issue, I assumed it would be sent to me, whereas its been waiting patiently for me at the surgery, for, err, a little while! Ah well, as I say, I’ve been using it as ID, so no real harm done.

And yes, you’re right, I havent got a job yet, but Christmas is fast approaching, and I suspect no one is actually going to start new staff, between now, and then. So as things stand, I have got (probably) an assessment session next Wednesday, when they may, or may not want to see some ID, and I have a medical screening to do, which I can rearrange tomorrow, hopefully for early next week, and then…I could take a chance, and send that passport away. And then early in the New Year, when I will hopefully be in a clinic bed for a few days, before starting work, it can return. brand new, and the ugly duckling, Stevie Lou, will become the beautiful swan, Harlean Stephanie.

Oh fine, I know, I’ll look no difference, but that magical document will say female, not male, which will be a wonderful sight. And then, I will feel like I can visit Canada again, when I want to, as my image will match the gender on my passport! Not that I’ve any immediate plans to do so, but…it could be done! I’m not saying I would have had issues, but I wasnt prepared to find out!

But yes, I’ll be so glad when I only have to think about using one name again, the one I treasure, the true me, Harlean Stephanie Carpenter! I might scan a copy of the critical passport page before I send it off, though I have no idea how much standing that really would have? But it should only be in case of emergencies, so…?

So yes, hopefully in about 4 weeks or so time, Stevie Lou Nicholls will have had her last call, and I will be Harlean Stephanie Carpenter in every way, at long last. I cant say I’ll be sorry when it happens!

Oh fine, as always, the video. I know, lacking Christmas songs this year, and this wont change things.

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