Have you ever just sat and thought?

Of how good, or bad your life might have been? I could have used the line from this meme, as I suspect I havent got any young readers, and it will be in the image anyway, but…Yes, I’ve had some frustrations in my life, to put it mildly, or to put it more succinctly in image form


Initially, when I saw this, I was only really thinking of the last fortnight or so, but in all truth, it pretty much sums up my life as a whole, doesnt it? How I’ve lasted this long, I have no idea, and even more so of late I’ve felt that way about things.

And issues dont seem to be sorting out easily either. Not only have I not heard from my ‘last workplace’ yet, about when, and how much I’m getting paid, which doesnt surprise me, I sort of caught on yesterday (my first real chance to breathe in a while) that I havent had the letter I’m due from the Doctor, re getting my correct gender on my new passport, so I guess I’m going to have to chase him up again, oh joy!

I did amuse myself today by contemplating getting a Lottery ticket for tomorrow night (the rollover is up to £22.5 million), but seriously, with my luck at present, I’m more likely to get no numbers, than get 6! But the temptation to waste £2, and get one, well, I might just do it! Would certainly enable me to consider a move to Hollywood if I won that lol, and not have to worry about working either! Hey, 4 numbers would help at present, let alone 6! Might still go ahead, and waste £2 anyway, just to get out for a while, if nothing else.

Mind, remarkably, I’ve got an interview on Thursday. No, its not my dream job (just at present I’m not sure what is, apart from mad scientist’s guinea pig!), but it sounds more interesting than the last one, and hopefully they will give me the equipment to do the job, at least. But nowadays, I think I’ll wait and see…

I know, cynical bitch, but can you really blame me at present?

The video, a lesser known Howard Jones track, that possibly sums up my thoughts about life at present!

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