I do the street life

Because there was no place I could go. Funnily enough, the song featuring that line isnt the video tonight, gone back further in time for an old glam rock classic.

But yes, on Monday, I felt like I was a walker, doing the street life, down a street in Brighouse, in the industrial area of town. Why? Because I was hunting for the address for my interview! In the end, I found a wonderful lady (at the 3rd place I enquired), who looked up the number of the firm, rang them up, and discovered I’d been given the wrong address, they’d moved from there 2 years ago! I did get a humble apology from the guy at the recruitment agency, but anyway…

That was when I found out why the man at the firm was a bit concerned about how I would get there without a car. Brighouse, easy, no trouble at all. Greetland, one bus an hour, hmm…? I was inclined to give it a try anyway, but when on top of that, I discovered the last bus out was just after 5 pm, I saw the light, and didnt trouble anyone.

And no, I might have been street walking (lol), but the dress drops down to my ankles, and I was in low heels, not stilettos! Mind, I got one offer, but just passed by…quickly!

Still waiting to hear on my medical tests, to see if I’m qualified for the study, but as selection wont be made until the end of this week, or the beginning of next (due to go in end of next week), its not a major concern. Having said that, I may not be doing the study yet, even if selected. Here’s why.

Yesterday, I got a call from the one really good recruitment agency I’ve dealt with, Elite Recruitment, at Cleckheaton. Seriously, they are in a different league to everyone else around here that I’ve found! Seems a division of Capita, dealing with all things property wise, are short handed in their call centre, in the run up to Christmas at least. So, they’re looking for operators, to help with the tide of calls. Training this weekend, to start on Monday. No, not full training, but enough that we can deal with basic stuff, and pass on details as required. And only a month guaranteed. I showed cautious interest, given I can earn 1.5 times more (and a bit) in 2.5 weeks or so, on the trial, than I can for a month there, and I would have time to write, and things. But, its an offer…

So, this morning, I got a call from someone, telling me more, and asking details of what I’d done, and the like. Just inbound calls, nothing more, so… But, I’m still thinking, if I’m doing the trial, money wise, and interest wise, I’d prefer that. So I mention the subject, then ring the agency, and say what I’ve done. In the meantime, I try and contact my friend at the research place, to see if she’s heard any news. As you can see above, nothing definite yet.

So, when the agency rang me back this afternoon, to find out what the news was, I pretty much had to make a choice, there and then. Given that this morning, and again this afternoon, it was mentioned that with a decent performance, I would in all likelihood be kept on after the month, I’ve bitten the bullet, and said I’ll do it, take the job. Now, just waiting for confirmation officially of all this, which I should have tomorrow. So yes, you might get a bonus blog lol! Be a short one if I do, but…

Yes, I know I’m going to regret not doing the medical trial, I had really been looking forward to it, in so many ways. But practically, I’m being offered a job (maybe only for a month, but…) guaranteed, or I can say no, and hope I’m selected for the trial. So in the end, it had to be done. But you’re right, after a few false alarms in the past, I am not saying I have got a job, until I get that email tomorrow! Irony, its just around the corner from William Hill!

Ah well, doesnt look like I’ll be hypnotised either (that was Saturday morning), but at least I wont have to walk the street, looking for businesses that are no longer there!

Video, not the biggest Roxy Music hit, but an early song

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