Almost there

So fine, I was assuming by now that I could tell you that yes, I was going to LA for 4 weeks, or that I’d got a job at last. Fine, the way things had been, I wasnt expecting the latter, and so it proved. Yet again, close, but no cigar, really does make me feel like screaming, and thats probably why I need the break, to get my sanity back.

Alright, I thought the one thing I could really on, was the accommodation, having been pre approved for somewhere on the outskirts of the city centre. So the main thing I was nervously watching was the air fare. That stayed the same, but…by the time I heard the news about the job, I discovered someone had jumped in before me, and bagged the apartment I had my eyes on.

Yes, I brought in Plan B, the back up cottage, a bit nicer, but a fair bit more expensive, but bit the bullet, and applied for it. Now I’m not saying my luck is out, but this guy supposedly had a 100% reply rate, within the 24 hours, so all would be fine. Me, I’m the first one he doesnt reply to! Of course, that could have been a 1 out of 1, it doesnt specify that lol. He could simply be unavailable (its a bank holiday weekend over there too), but…

So I took another look, Plan C if you like, and a new one had appeared. Looks even nicer, in fact. So I’ve applied for that one. Yes, you’ve guessed it, after 4 hours, I’m still waiting for a reply, one way or the other! I have also left a message for the first guy, saying that if he is just away, I am interested at the present moment. I did also spot a couple more at similar prices, just a little bit further out, so they are on the reserve list.

Ironic, when I do decide I’m going, I still cant get things totally sorted. Ah well, as a certain group said, things can only get better…hmm? No, thats not the video, I went for something more classy lol. You could say this gives a clue to a street that isnt a million miles from either of these apartments!

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