Just know that something good is going to happen?

OK, fine, first part of the duty is done, I did the interview earlier today. For me, it went fine, but then again, I’ve thought that before, and not even got a message of rejection from the company/agency involved. Hey, half the agencies (or more) that required me to register, so they could put me forward for a job, never heard from them again, post registration. I suspect they got their KPI target by doing the registration, and that was that. Some of the time, thinking especially of a couple of agencies, I’m not even sure the job ever existed in the first place. One at least I’m sure was just getting people to go on a course, to claim money from the government. Given I never even got the course certificate I was meant to get from that course, I’m pretty sure of that.

No, I havent booked the flight, and accommodation yet, not quite sure why? I suppose there is something at the back of my head saying that I’ll get a call, telling me I’ve got the job on Friday, but given its 1 position, I doubt it. So, should I wait, or should I book? Are 2 midweek flights likely to increase in price before Friday, I doubt it? The choice of apartment is made, and I’ve been approved, so just a matter of transferring money on to my card, and paying now.

Alright, in the end, its not a Hollywood address, though its not too far away, just a little way south, towards the centre of the city. Yes, its practicality, and reality, its about £200 cheaper for the month than the Hollywood one which had taken my eye. But then again, part of my thought behind this was to see more of L.A itself than I did before, so its hardly critical. And I can see the sign on a fair day, so definitely not that far away. But it looks nice, its a 20’s building, so it works in that sense. And besides, Jean lived in Beverly Hills, so living outside the movie capital isnt cheating in that sense? 😉

I know, part of me thinks I’m taking the easy way out with this, and I’ll almost certainly still need to find something when I get back, though I will still be job hunting for something that starts when I get back, while I’m here. There is also the logic that 3 (or even maybe just 2) weeks might be enough to work out the mental knots that have formed, but I suspect that by now, I’ve got that 4 week trip in my head…and its going to happen…unless? No, realistically, its just whether I book it tomorrow, or wait formally until Friday, then do it.

Right, so to the video. Given the drought situation in Southern California, they’d probably love a machine that could do this. Preferably not while I’m there, though for the odd day, in 4 weeks, might be fun? And besides, its a brilliant song

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