California, here I come…probably?

OK, the title of the blog gives a pretty good clue what happened with the council job, doesnt it? Those famous words, “You did really well, but…” were heard again yesterday. In the end, the fact that others of a similar standard had done that sort of work before, and I hadnt, pushed me the wrong side of the line? Or is that the right side of the line? Really, dont ask, I dont know!

So fine, by now, I should have taken the steps towards booking my trip to Hollywood, you reckon? Well, depends what you call taking steps? If you mean checking what the current flight situation is, and selecting an elite list of places that I would like to stay at, then done. If I’m doing the 4 week trip (just about doable), then I need to fly out on the last day of September, because for the Thursday, the air fare goes up by about £240 return, and the weekend is fully booked, for the flight coming back. If I settle for 2, or 3 weeks, then I could still do it on the Thursday. But you know me, assuming I havent got a job to come back for, in mid October, and the figures look the same when I check them again, then its going to be 4 weeks!

So why you’re asking, hasnt she gone ahead and booked it yet? Err, a job interview? Let me explain. About a month ago, almost to the day, I applied for a job in a call centre in Mirfield. It was only 28 hours a week, which would be at the bottom end of fine, but it did say there would be plenty of opportunities for extra hours, so I went for it. And heard nothing…until yesterday morning! In fact, they rang while I was signing on, but got a message, and phoned back. And so, I’ve got an interview there on Tuesday morning! I know, I know, I’m daft, but anyway…its sorted now. The way I look at it, they arent going to start me now before my holiday. Even if I started the following week, it would be 1 complete week before my holiday! And therefore, about a month before I could realistically get started there. So, someone else is going to get it, who’s readily available, right? But still, I feel its right not to book it until after that. I know, being daft, but…suppose they offer me a mid October start, because then…could do it, for 2 weeks! And have a job to come back to, so…

Fine, yes, I expect on Wednesday to be booking the trip, for 4 glorious weeks in Hollywood, and even though I know its not going to happen, maybe I get that lucky break, and get to stay there. Fine, stop laughing now! Sadly, the place I originally had my eyes on, is no longer available, but I’ve found at least a couple more that would be very nice, all the same, at a fair price.

So now you know. OK, the video. To say this is early Abba, would be putting it mildly, this is several years before they became world famous. But hey, what can I say, the first song is very apt, and its better than Al Jolson…just!

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