Dont Give Up On Us Just Yet

You know what, I’m prepared to admit it, all this job hunting lark has finally really got to me, just about, for now at least, reached breaking point, I guess? So far I’ve managed to resist the temptation of the one homeopathic anti depressant (St Johns Wort) tablet I’ve got up in my room, but thats more because of the length of time (as in years) that its been there, than anything else. And besides which, even if I thought it was safe to take (and I dont), I might need more than a one off, the way things are going at present.

And before anyone thinks I might do anything daft, I’m not planning on it, I guess I just need a bit of a sanity kick at present. And no, I’d rather not touch the pharmaceutical stuff, if I can help it. St Johns Wort worked fine all those years ago, and I’m sure it would be more than sufficient now, in all honesty. But…

Going back a couple of posts, I mentioned that if I got the job that started in November, I’d head off somewhere else for a month or so, just by myself, enjoy life, and all that? Hollywood probably, though as I say, a couple of other West Coast cities could tempt me. Boston, and Washington (area) also appeal, but sanity says that if I’m doing a 4 week trip, taking the long travel short blast out of the equation would be a shrewd move. Yes, Hollywood/ L.A will be strong favourite, regardless, but not yet committed yet, in more senses than one.

So yes, I’ve been calculating matters, given that if I’m going to do it, I need to start booking flights, and accommodation in the next couple of weeks or so, to make sure I get a reasonable deal. And given my personal questions to myself over my sanity re all this, I decided when I was walking up to draw my rent money today, that I’d set myself a date to have things at least to some degree sorted by, or I’d take that time out regardless. Given that my next visit to sign on, from that point would be the 21st (I have my quarterly review on Friday), it would mean I would have reached fait accompli by then, but I could probably get through. The next one after that, 4th September, I’d be beginning the process of signing off for my holiday anyway, so I suspect that wont be too intense an interrogation anyway. Besides, after that point, I couldnt job hunt too hard, wouldnt be here for calls, and interviews!

So guess what? I’ve got an interview in the morning! Only applied for it this morning, but I know this is fine in that sense, its British Gas! Mind, apart from the practice of getting through an interview with a job offer, as much as I can trace from their website, its a 6 week training period. 5 weeks tomorrow, the start of my holiday period, as I have to leave a couple of days beforehand to get the body, and hair in a decent state for the trip. So how that would play out (even assuming I get offered the job), no idea?

As for other things, no, I havent heard any more about the assessment on the 20th, but given thats still a fortnight away, I’m not chasing yet. There is one other thing I’m meant to be getting an interview for (supposedly plenty of jobs), I last heard on the 27th that they were interviewing at the beginning of August, but nothing has been emailed, or posted on their Facebook site yet. But that one, I suspect, wanting a sabbatical before starting, might not be out of the question! If they ever do it!

But yes, wouldnt it be irony, if just as I know I need, and am going to take a time out from the hunt, I get offered a job?

And so to the video. There is a distinct clue in the blog title, I might add


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