I thought he loved me the way I am!

No, for once, that blog title is a total lie, I was just pretty sure that the guy wasn’t reading, or just plain ignoring the details about me on my Facebook, on my blog, and pretty much what I hinted at in the emails, but he still kept declaring his undying love for me…until now, he finally seems to have taken note!

Right, the full story. A couple of months ago, or so, I got one of those strange Facebook friend requests you get from time to time. You know, the ones where the guy has got a new account, no friends, and no details about him on it. Nowadays I can spot the spammers with a bit more ease, and with no disrespect to folks from that corner of the world, he wasnt from the sub continent. Nothing against those people personally, but as I discovered a long time ago, they are only seeking a woman for a ‘convenience’ marriage, so they can come and live over here. All those just get declined.

This guy seemed neither, he didnt look the classic spammer type profile, and he came from Switzerland. So what the hell, I accepted. A few days later, the emails started arriving, declaring what a wonderful woman I was, so beautiful, and that he was falling in love with me. So fine, I dont do love, so I did my best to put him off, but it didnt work. Anyway, having given clues in my emails that I was trans, and lets face it, the blog links all over Facebook say it too, so I had to assume, he knew.

So alright, I still try to stop him falling deeply in love with me (last few emails suggested I failed totally on that front), but sort of accept that he must know, and leave it there. Then, at the weekend, I sent him an email in standard form, usual stuff. Now normally, within a day or two (or less) I get a reply. By today, nothing. So I just went and checked, his Facebook account is gone. I assume at some point he put two and two together, made four, and realised I wasnt quite the woman he was looking for! Ah well, at least I dont have to try and write delicately written love letters any more lol! He seemed a nice, genuine guy, but I sort of knew he wanted a ‘real’ woman, and I wasnt that without a bit of surgery. So…I’m not going to become a Swiss Miss, or Mrs lol!

Right, the music. There is a slightly cryptic clue in the blog title, but I wouldnt blame anyone for not getting it!

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