The next supermodel?

No, seriously, I dont think so! Apart from anything else, I’m far too old for that, but a model, well, just maybe? It all started when I saw this link on Twitter

And lets face it, I’d love to be a model in Los Angeles, wouldnt I? Though agreed, I’d be a more mature model than most, but hey, arent they looking for folk to wear fashion designed for the more mature woman? Anyway, given I thought I had nothing to lose by sending off a few photos, and a few others thought “Why not?”, I sent off an email to their main address as requested.

What surprised me more was when I was told they were seemingly fine, and given the email address of the guy running the office in L.A to send all my stuff off to. So, I have! No, seriously, I’m not selecting my luxury Hollywood apartment yet, or anything, but hey, even if I only get 1 shoot, somewhere less romantic than L.A, it would still be something. And who knows, in this crazy world, me, a mature trans model living in Hollywood, no, surely not?

In all honesty, I’m not expecting to hear anything back, other than maybe a thanks, but no thanks note from him, as all the other models featured on their website seem a lot younger than me! Niche market, lol?

But hey, combined with the writers residence one, at least I’m not only applying for call centre work lol!

Right, the video, what other song could I choose? The superior German language version,

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