I’m not getting up early in the morning!

Yes, I’d forgotten what 5.45 in the morning looked like, until this week, and now I’ve again been reminded just how early it is! Mind, I suspect at some point, I will get reminded again of what its like, but for the next few days… will be nearer 8.00, or later!

No, its not because I suddenly developed a Monday to Friday job (yet), but because I’ve been on a course in Leeds all week. Been quite interesting, met some new people, learnt some new stuff, and next week, I should get an interview for a position, either with the NHS, or local government. Of course, getting an interview, and getting a job are 2 different things, but anyway…

Seriously, apart from the culture shock of getting up so early, its not been a bad week, other than on the job hunting front. I know, I know, its the main thing, but…I still have the studying option! No, not Loughborough University, I was a bit late in the day, and under qualified to be a prize candidate for the foundation course there, but as Will discovered for me, I may well still get in at Loughborough College, to do the preparatory stuff, if I want to. Yes, I plan to investigate that a bit more over the weekend, and then consider it.

Other news, well, given I havent been around all week, job hunting (before today) has been very quiet, I simply havent had a minute to myself! Given today was a short day, due to the interviews being delayed until next week (someone is off sick), I did apply for a couple when I got home. On top of that, in theory I have an interview Monday afternoon, but in all honesty, having had the time to look at it, I’ll probably pass.

Main reason for that, you could say is my own fault, its somewhere that it is complex, and a very lengthy process to even get close to, by public transport. As in, nearly 2 hours each way, on a limited timetable. And also, its not cold call selling, but it is ‘pushing’ customers, so not my thing, so put these together, and I’ll probably forego the effort to struggle to get there.

Right, the video. What I need to do, some might say. A live version, from Hollywood, very recently, what more can I say? Not the best if you want to see the band, but the location nailed it.


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