A weekend of anniversaries, part 1

OK, fine, there are 2 anniversaries this weekend, one a personal one, that will appear tomorrow, but today marks the 71st anniversary of D-Day, the moment that the history of WW2 changed forever, though certainly the Soviets attacking from the East certainly helped to change the history of the war too.

But on this day, early morning, for the first time in just a few years, France was invaded. This time though, it was a landing force, coming to rescue them from Nazi domination. The beaches were well defended, but the breach was eventually made, and after that, in less than a year, Germany had been overrun, from both directions, and WW2 was over.

Sadly, but inevitably, thousands of brave young men died on that day, and in the 11 months or so after that time, and we must never forget them. Indeed, we should be very proud of them, for freeing Europe. Of course, as history shows, Eastern Europe, for the next 45 years or so, disappeared under a Soviet controlled Iron Curtain, which in the Stalin years at least, probably suffered as much as they did under the Nazi’s!

So on this day, lets remember these brave people that never came back from France, and the freedom they granted us.

The video, well, if anyone can think of a more apt one, I cant!


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