Playing catch up again!

Yes, I know, this is a bit overdue, but the last couple of days have been a little crazy, and a little depressing. But anyway, must push on, and besides an interview this morning went better, so…

I know, shock horror, I actually cinched one of those competency test things this morning, now move on to a proper interview on Tuesday morning, so fingers crossed for that. But yes, I must admit, the last couple of days, prior to today, I had began to feel the lack of a new job getting to me, but hopefully I’m over that hump now. Otherwise, I might have been suggesting that modern technology, and a brain/computer interface, and an interview competency download into my mind might be a wise move! Might still be, and I’d certainly enjoy it, so if anyone is offering lol…? 😉

I suppose the most amusing thing that has happened over the last couple of days, was being asked to do a survey by a recruitment agency re a job I applied for with them, the snag being they never even contacted me about it. Or indeed a previous one I applied for with them, so unsurprisingly, their marks were less than stellar! Seriously, dont they check these things before sending them out, or do they just send it to the __th candidate who applies to them blindly? Who knows?

And on top of everything else, it seems like summer might have arrived, though probably not for long. Was out earlier in a top, and skirt, to put something in the post. Well, actually the top is a very short dress (as in above the knee), but I’m too old to wear it as that, I feel. Maybe I should, but given the surgically battered state of my knees, probably not? Oh, thats the other thing, while I’m getting that download. A new, young looking, Harlow lookalike body would be handy, do the download into that, along with the rest of me! Yes, I know, I wish!

Oh, and talking of Jean, I promise you a blog on Sunday, if nothing else, as that is a very sad anniversary, that I certainly want to cover.

So fine, I want a cute, plastic (or metal) body, as a good looking blonde, so lets see. No, not Aqua, I’m not that cruel. So instead, here is the excellent Postmodern Jukebox version of that song.

Come on Jeannie, lets go party!


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