Well, I’m going to be working (of sorts) this weekend at least!

Yes, as you might have guessed from that title, the battle to find a new job goes on. Still applying for lots of stuff, with mixed results. Today, the black dress did come out again, but only for an agency registration. But you never know…One day, its going to happen!

But as I said, this weekend, I will be working, of sorts. Yes, that first step into a potential new, and very interesting career starts here. Well, fine, on Saturday.

This weekend, I will be doing my beginners hypnotherapy course, should be good. It will be different to see life from the other side of the couch, I must admit. Though given the practice sessions will be on each other, I’m going to be hypnotised at some point, for sure! Good job Jean-Bot has a good safety lock on her lol!

At this point in time, I dont see it as a full time career, more of a part time one, but who knows where things will take me? I wouldnt mind doing it as a full time career, but I cant imagine there is enough business around here, to do that?

But I guess, if it works out, I’ll be looking for victims, sorry, volunteers to help me out with my practice sessions. I promise only to hypnotise you, not brainwash you, and besides which, in reality, you cant make someone do something unless they really want to. So unless clucking like a chicken is your secret desire, then no, it wont happen!

So yes, this weekend, for 2 glorious days, I’ll be working…of sorts!

The video, what it will be when I finally get a job again.

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