I enjoy being a girl!

Whether you like, or hate Facebook (I’m somewhere in the middle on it), it does remind you of some interesting events, from time to time. Sunday was actually one of those. May 10, 2008, well…

…was the first time I worked as a woman. Yes, its been happening officially now for 7 years, amazing to believe. You want proof, fine

best pic of Stephanie I've seen face only

Yes, I know, a redhead, wow!

It was in fact a bit of a one off, though given that everyone knew after that, I pretty well bent the gender look from there onwards, to be honest. But officially, apart from big occasions, that was pretty much it for 2 years, until the official change began. Since then, its been strictly female all the way! Nowadays it would be pretty hard to be anything else, given the cleavage lol!

Oh what, me now, see later.

Alright, its beginning to look like I wont find out if they have any interesting training methods at that place in Batley, as I’ve heard nothing back, and I was promised an answer by Monday, shame. So yes, the process of job hunting continues. I am actually contemplating a very dramatic choice, which would involve a couple of years of study, possibly in the US, but thats only in the early stages, so all I will say for now, is that it might not be entirely only my choice in selecting it. It appeals, but part of me is still saying its a crazy idea, but we will see. Lets just say I have a very good guide on the matter.

Apart from that, well, I did go over to Leeds on Sunday, to the vintage fair. It was fun, found a dress I adored, also got a skirt and a jumper too. Oh, and got my hair, make up and eyelashes done! That really was fun, and yes, thats why you get to see how I look now, as opposed to 7 years ago, I had a couple of pictures taken, and now my replacement USB cable has arrived, I can put pictures onto the computer again. So here they are

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

As you can see, I enjoy being a girl! Which, funnily enough, is the video tonight

3 responses

  1. What a wonderful beautiful post!

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  2. Thanks, Kevin, In hindsight of course, its 7 years since I posted that picture to Facebook, and not sure that was the same day ‘the journey’ began. Mind, I’d been living as a woman at home for about 8 years by then!


  3. Stevie my dear your posts encourage more than you know. i am 56 and need posts like yours soo much, thank you again ((((((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))))

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