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Back to serious writing

Do you know the last time I wrote anything longer than 2-3,000 words? Seemingly, its over 3 years ago, wow! Yes, it shows how tough it is to write while I was working, I guess? Well, no longer do I have that millstone hanging around my neck, as today, I finished my first long story since then. Currently, its just under 9,000 words, though that figure might alter slightly, once my wonderful editor has done his part.

To be honest, I enjoyed doing it, though I had forgotten just how tiring long writing sessions can be. But at least I know, when I’ve got the time, and the inclination, I can still write long pieces, something I had begun to wonder.

Yes, as you might have therefore gathered, its going to be a while before you get to see it. Well, a few weeks at least, I suspect. I’ve heard many things about this Kindle Unlimited thing, ran by Amazon, so I might give it a try, though of course you would be able to buy it from them as well. But it does mean I cant sell it for a certain period through any other market, but in all honesty, apart from Barnes and Noble, I wont be missing out on much.

As I said on Friday, I’ve taken the concept of Christmas Carol, and played around with it. So though there are 3 situations, there is only 1 visitor, in fact. And none of it is set in the future lol, unless you count the result of the very ending.

I admit it, most people would write a story set in Hollywood, after you’ve been there, but no, I have to jump in, and write it in advance. At least that way, I dont know I’ve got all the locations wrong! And yes, shock horror, it has a happy ending…of sorts.

Being honest, I suspect there will be at least one more very shortly, working on someone else’s concept, which will involve mind control, and will go as a freebie to the Archive. But this one will hopefully put a few pennies in my coffers, I could probably do with them!

Well, supposedly the weather is going to improve this week, but I’ll believe it when I see it. If it does, I might go over to Headingley, and take in some cricket, while I can. Its only a friendly, against the local university, but its cricket, and if the weather is good…it will be a day not spent over a hot laptop! Beyond that, a baseball game in Los Angeles, in a couple of weeks time will definitely happen. Have a couple of Dodgers games I can go to, on the Friday, or the Sunday, and will plan to get to one of them. They are also home on the Saturday, but I will be otherwise engaged that evening!

The video, some would say this sums up the news of me writing a longer story is, but others might say otherwise!

Trying something old, something new. Nothing borrowed, or blue

Well, today, I’d sort of had plans to go to the rugby league, over Keighley, but I never made it, thanks to the weather. Most of the morning was wet, part of the afternoon was too, and in between, it was grey, and miserable, so I never bothered. I might regret it, it probably was my best chance this year, but anyway…this early in the season, and all that. Hopefully I can get in some cricket at least, somewhere, when its a bit warmer.

So fine, its enabled me to catch up on things of a writing nature instead. I have a friend over on Twitter (well, contact at least) who runs excellent blogathons on movies of the distant past, usually silent ones, which given her handle of @movies silently is a bit of a give away! I’ve often read them, but never taken part, mainly due to work, and commitments. Well, as I havent got those at present, I volunteered to do one for her next series, which is all about short movies.

Did you know, before she became famous, Jean Harlow worked in a series of small, uncredited parts? Probably not, but she did. Some of those (including the one I’m going to mention), she quickly got added to the credits once she became famous, others she didnt.

Probably the most famous of those bit parts, was in a movie with Laurel and Hardy, called Double Whoopee. Possibly famous, because Jean (with Stan’s help) manages to lose most of her dress in this, and reveal plenty of leg! So despite my friend having reviewed it expertly recently, in a recent readers request thing (yes, it was my request), it was the one she suggested I tackle.

Her expert review can be found at

So, I couldnt compete with that, so I had to do something new with it, and have! I’ve taken a look at the movie from the eyes of Jean Harlow, and what happened during the movie, and afterwards. You can find the movie on You Tube, both the full 20 minutes, and just the section with Jean in, if thats what you prefer?

In addition to this, after far too long, I’ve started work on a new story. First 3 chapters are written, of about 10, I would guess. If you’ve ever read, or seen the movie of ‘A Christmas Carol’, you have an idea of how things play out, though not exactly the same as events in that story, all the same. I’m guessing it will be a few weeks before I release it to the public, especially given the holiday, but it will depend how the writing goes, and how busy my poor editor is.

But sometime soon…

I thought long and hard about a video, and then I thought of this. Were these 2 gentlemen involved in Jean’s big break? Who knows?

Meet with the people

Yes, make the most of this, or the least of it, as you wish, as there wont be much general election coverage after this, I promise you. But today seemed an apt day, given an event locally, so…

Thats right, 5 weeks tomorrow, we get to vote for the next government. I’ll sum it up succinctly by saying that I’m glad I’m away from all that fuss for the best part of a fortnight, and leave it at that. So why today? Well, because I discovered on the news tonight that the Labour leader, Ed Milliband was in Huddersfield today. No, I didnt get to see him, but dont feel as if I missed much in that case.

And before anyone accuses me of political bias, I would have thought the same way about David Cameron, the Conservative leader. Or pretty much any of the others, to be honest.

Though to be fair, in Huddersfield, what I think, and who I vote for wont matter too much, Labour will win the seat. Yes, one of those seats where the ‘monkey’ with the right rosette would win regardless, ah well…I know there is the UKIP wild card this year, but I cant see them really changing things around here, even if I wanted them to.

To be honest, 5 weeks before the election, I havent a definite take on who will get my vote. Up to now, I’ve pretty much supported the Lib Dems (or whichever title they were at the time), but convincing myself to vote for them, this time around, is tough. Yes, maybe the Conservatives would have been worse, on their own, but I cant say I’ve seen too much Liberal influence to be honest.

As to Labour, well Milliband has all the looks of a rabbit in headlights to me, well out of his depth, and few policies I could support. Snag is, I dont have a great deal of faith in Cameron either, so yes, I’m running out of choices fast!

No, dont go down the UKIP road. Apart from the fact that (generally) I’m pro Europe, their homophobic stance makes them pretty much a big no no for me anyway.

So, unless I decide not to vote (not my thing, I feel I have to vote, if I want to moan), that leaves 1 party around here, the Green Party. Well yes, as a non driver, who needs a decent public transport service, they should be the party for me, but…even they try to put their foot in it, on an LGBT front, seemingly. At the same time, they are probably the party I’m closest too, and they give me the chance to complain about whoever is in power (as it wont be them), they would probably get my vote at present.

But overall, I dont have that much faith in any of them! No, this hasnt always been the case, but its how I feel after the last 5 years. If you twist my arm, then yes, I’d rather have a Conservative led government, than a Labour one, just because I get some good feelings about Cameron, and none about Milliband, aargh!

And of course, after all this, they wont take any interest in ordinary folk for another 5 years, any of them!

The video, probably what all the politicians think of most of us, for all but 6 weeks, in the run up to a general election