Back to serious writing

Do you know the last time I wrote anything longer than 2-3,000 words? Seemingly, its over 3 years ago, wow! Yes, it shows how tough it is to write while I was working, I guess? Well, no longer do I have that millstone hanging around my neck, as today, I finished my first long story since then. Currently, its just under 9,000 words, though that figure might alter slightly, once my wonderful editor has done his part.

To be honest, I enjoyed doing it, though I had forgotten just how tiring long writing sessions can be. But at least I know, when I’ve got the time, and the inclination, I can still write long pieces, something I had begun to wonder.

Yes, as you might have therefore gathered, its going to be a while before you get to see it. Well, a few weeks at least, I suspect. I’ve heard many things about this Kindle Unlimited thing, ran by Amazon, so I might give it a try, though of course you would be able to buy it from them as well. But it does mean I cant sell it for a certain period through any other market, but in all honesty, apart from Barnes and Noble, I wont be missing out on much.

As I said on Friday, I’ve taken the concept of Christmas Carol, and played around with it. So though there are 3 situations, there is only 1 visitor, in fact. And none of it is set in the future lol, unless you count the result of the very ending.

I admit it, most people would write a story set in Hollywood, after you’ve been there, but no, I have to jump in, and write it in advance. At least that way, I dont know I’ve got all the locations wrong! And yes, shock horror, it has a happy ending…of sorts.

Being honest, I suspect there will be at least one more very shortly, working on someone else’s concept, which will involve mind control, and will go as a freebie to the Archive. But this one will hopefully put a few pennies in my coffers, I could probably do with them!

Well, supposedly the weather is going to improve this week, but I’ll believe it when I see it. If it does, I might go over to Headingley, and take in some cricket, while I can. Its only a friendly, against the local university, but its cricket, and if the weather is good…it will be a day not spent over a hot laptop! Beyond that, a baseball game in Los Angeles, in a couple of weeks time will definitely happen. Have a couple of Dodgers games I can go to, on the Friday, or the Sunday, and will plan to get to one of them. They are also home on the Saturday, but I will be otherwise engaged that evening!

The video, some would say this sums up the news of me writing a longer story is, but others might say otherwise!

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