Meet with the people

Yes, make the most of this, or the least of it, as you wish, as there wont be much general election coverage after this, I promise you. But today seemed an apt day, given an event locally, so…

Thats right, 5 weeks tomorrow, we get to vote for the next government. I’ll sum it up succinctly by saying that I’m glad I’m away from all that fuss for the best part of a fortnight, and leave it at that. So why today? Well, because I discovered on the news tonight that the Labour leader, Ed Milliband was in Huddersfield today. No, I didnt get to see him, but dont feel as if I missed much in that case.

And before anyone accuses me of political bias, I would have thought the same way about David Cameron, the Conservative leader. Or pretty much any of the others, to be honest.

Though to be fair, in Huddersfield, what I think, and who I vote for wont matter too much, Labour will win the seat. Yes, one of those seats where the ‘monkey’ with the right rosette would win regardless, ah well…I know there is the UKIP wild card this year, but I cant see them really changing things around here, even if I wanted them to.

To be honest, 5 weeks before the election, I havent a definite take on who will get my vote. Up to now, I’ve pretty much supported the Lib Dems (or whichever title they were at the time), but convincing myself to vote for them, this time around, is tough. Yes, maybe the Conservatives would have been worse, on their own, but I cant say I’ve seen too much Liberal influence to be honest.

As to Labour, well Milliband has all the looks of a rabbit in headlights to me, well out of his depth, and few policies I could support. Snag is, I dont have a great deal of faith in Cameron either, so yes, I’m running out of choices fast!

No, dont go down the UKIP road. Apart from the fact that (generally) I’m pro Europe, their homophobic stance makes them pretty much a big no no for me anyway.

So, unless I decide not to vote (not my thing, I feel I have to vote, if I want to moan), that leaves 1 party around here, the Green Party. Well yes, as a non driver, who needs a decent public transport service, they should be the party for me, but…even they try to put their foot in it, on an LGBT front, seemingly. At the same time, they are probably the party I’m closest too, and they give me the chance to complain about whoever is in power (as it wont be them), they would probably get my vote at present.

But overall, I dont have that much faith in any of them! No, this hasnt always been the case, but its how I feel after the last 5 years. If you twist my arm, then yes, I’d rather have a Conservative led government, than a Labour one, just because I get some good feelings about Cameron, and none about Milliband, aargh!

And of course, after all this, they wont take any interest in ordinary folk for another 5 years, any of them!

The video, probably what all the politicians think of most of us, for all but 6 weeks, in the run up to a general election

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