I want to be free (but not for too long)

Yes, they think my working career at William Hill is over, it is now! I finished at 6.30 last night, and went off for some celebration drinks with some of my ex colleagues, most of whom had left as well, though not all of them. Some others will be leaving soon, but for now…they’re still there!

It was lovely to be able to say goodbye to some really nice people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with, most just as a woman, though a few of them knew me before transition. Mind, it would seem that some of them at least, I havent seen for the last time, as I’ve been invited to someone’s birthday party (somewhere around the 7th), so will see a number of them again then, will be fun.

Oh, a photo from last night, that I didnt know had been taken

Me, and a glass of wine

Well, officially I started job hunting today (given I’m not going to start before 26th April), but I actually uncovered a couple of options yesterday, which I followed up on today. One, part time (though with plenty of overtime options, seemingly) at a rival betting firm, and another one that piqued my interest, it seems Eurochange, one of these companies who sell foreign currency, are looking for staff all around the area. Even a chance to work in Huddersfield for a summer contract, that would be handy. So I’ve applied for that, permanent work with them in Leeds and Bradford, and sent off a good number, via Reed website, to various agencies and firms too.

Yes, I cant deny that becoming a hypnotherapist would be great, but I’m suspecting it would never be more than part time work, even if quite profitable as such. Hopefully I can fit whatever job I get around that course. Oh, and maybe get some writing done too? None done yet, but hopefully I can later in the week.

No, strangely enough, no job offers as a Jean Harlow lookalike…yet!

So, as Toyah says, for now I’m free, but hopefully not for too long.

Oh, I love her outfit, just saying…


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