The day they pulled the big top down

Well, apart from a few fans of 70’s music, that might keep people thinking for a while about the video tonight.

Yes, this is the last blog for a while (hopefully a short while) that I will write as a working lady. Thats right, 3 more shifts at William Hill, and they wont think its all over, it will be! Its going to be funny at 6.30 on Sunday, when I clear the desk for the last time, but I’ll live. It will be strange though, all the same, knowing I wont be going back again.

Its been nearly 6 years, unfortunately not near enough (about 2 months short) to get another year’s worth of payments, but such is life. There will be a good number of people I will miss, a few I definitely wont miss, and some in between.

As things stand, I plan to start job hunting next week, which hopefully will give me a nice split (with luck) to be able to start work soon after I get back from Hollywood. But at my age, whether it will be quite that easy, we shall see. The 5 weeks notice pay means that technically I’m employed until the 3rd May, so wont count for unemployment numbers until then. beyond that, I’m on a beginners hypnotherapy course on 23rd/24th May, which might lead to an interesting change in working life. Hopefully, a new job, and do the course too!

I would have hunted earlier, but for 1 thing, the fact that I’m away for most of the second half of April, in Hollywood. No, even if it would be wonderful to do so, I dont expect to find a job out there! But I guess you never know, funnier things happen, but…rolls eyes, this is me you’re talking about!

Oh, and be thrilled, or be warned, I plan to do more writing, as gainful employment in the interim.

But back to points mentioned, that last farewell. Unsurprisingly at my age, I’ve done a few, never cried yet. Hopefully this one will be the same. Which leads me to the video…

Same surname as my author persona, what more could you ask?

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  1. The great Elkie Brooks


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