I wish it would rain down

In California that is, though ideally I’d hate the drought to break just when I have 10 precious days there, but knowing my luck…

Its not a hidden fact that in Southern California, pretty much everywhere is currently in drought status. I think its now about 4 years, when far too little water has fallen in the area on the whole. So yes, I wish that for the sake of the locals, they could get a decent amount of water, though I’m told they would need an ocean worth to get back to where they should be, but…not going to happen.

But is it wrong to wish, that it doesnt break just as I hit Hollywood? Yes, I have a few places indoors that I want to visit, the Hollywood Museum for example, but lets face it, most things I want to do, you do outdoors! So hopefully I wont be taking the grey Yorkshire weather with me, when I go.

Dont get me wrong, I can live without the temperature hitting 90 too, but at least you can get shelter from that, from time to time, or even quite possibly in the right place while outside. So yes, I’d love the drought to break, but not while I’m on holiday!

Today has been the day when I’ve (finally) got around to sorting things out for the trip. Currency ordered, credit card topped up, and shuttle booked for trips between airport and hotel. Hey, I’ve even been looking for sensibly priced places where I can get my hair, and make up done on the Saturday of the party too! There are a couple of possibles close to the hotel, so hopefully thats sorted at least.

And that it doesnt rain that night!

In other news…

Yes, I’m in the final week at work, so I’m going to hit a few milestones, I guess? Got one last night that I thought had already happened, my last taxi home at 10.00. I have got 1 more late shift on Saturday, but thats a 9.00, so will need to fight my way home on TPE, hopefully they wont cancel my Saturday night train this week!

Beyond that, there is talk of a farewell drink on Sunday, after I finish, which I will probably make a ‘one and done’ thing, as I’m not a great drinker. Then, I need to start job hunting, ah well…

The video, just perfect for Hollywood, in so many ways.

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  1. Thanks, I’m planning to!


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