David Bailey, beware!

And yes, that title is immensely tongue in cheek, believe me!

Nowadays, nearly everyone (with the exception of me) owns a mobile phone, that enables them to not only make phone calls, and send text messages (I remember those days), but acts as a camera, and a pretty good connection to the internet as well. Me, I’m delighted that my US phone doesnt have a camera facility, and all these clever tricks, I’d never use them.

But yes, fine, a trip to Hollywood really does require some photographic evidence, so needs must…But not a phone, I’ve bought a proper digital camera! Only a little Vivitar one, but enough for me to snap pictures of my trip, and in all honesty, I think thats all I need it for. OK, fine, I might get back into more serious camera work, but dont hold your breath.

So, for a first, other than pics that Kate has taken, and passed on to me, you might get ‘live’ pics on the blog next month! Including, quite possibly, some of me. I have been told I have to get photos taken of me at that party, so…you will, you will!

Anyway, one of the crazes that has developed out of having cameras on the mobile phone, is something called the selfie. Yes, you know it, you hold the mobile phone up, aim it at yourself, and take a picture. Or as my dear friend Angel De Light does, you stand by a mirror, and take a picture of the reflected image. So fine, as one of my test shots, to prove that I could still operate a camera, and more importantly, could transfer the image from camera to computer successfully, I took a selfie. Here it is

Digital Camera

I know, those boobs! 😀

But yes, generally I only plan to use it for more normal photos of myself (taken by others), and plenty of famous landmarks around Los Angeles. But the odd selfie (and they will be odd until I get the hang of the best way to take them) might just appear, if you’re good.

The video, oh fine, not original

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