Someone needs love (or a new job, at least)

Before you ask, no, I still havent heard back about the last interview, have no idea if thats a good thing, or bad? Given its internal, I would at least expect to hear something, but nowadays…

Anyway, beyond all that, 3 weeks from now, I will have been made redundant. That last shift might be quite a funny thing, though as things are beginning to play out, it may not be my last day of work at William Hill. Confused? Well, it seems they may well be covering themselves against the whims of the new system, as I have already been asked if I would be interested in working ‘casually’ for the next couple of weeks (minimum), just in case. Happy to do Cheltenham week (w/c 9th March), and do the weekend of the previous week, but of course, midweek that week is back to Newbury, for the make up top up, plus finally getting those big eyelashes to flutter too!

Beyond that, I assume that if the new system works fine, then that will be it, and on paper at least, my 5 week notice period would take me up to my Hollywood holiday. If it doesnt, then I may well be working on, and off, until 11th April, Grand National day! We will see…

As is always the case at times like this, there will be some people I will miss, some I wont, and a few in between!

But beyond that, its the big, bad world of job hunting for me, and indeed, to some degree, before then as well. Ideally, I’d love to find something nearer to home, though I’ll travel to Leeds if I really have to, though the body would prefer otherwise. I’ll take full time happily, but equally, if I can find something about 25 hours or so, I will split it between that type of work, and make a few extra pounds as an author, hopefully.

So, if anyone reading this locally (or wants to tempt me greatly otherwise) knows of call centre work, data input work, or indeed retail cashiering, or similar, then let me know, especially jobs that wont appear on the obvious websites.

My thought was always to temping, or the like, prior to my holiday, as I couldnt see employers being keen on me disappearing for a week, so soon after starting, but who knows? But for now, I might as well temp with the firm I know, as a firm I dont! And yes, if I work through to Grand National day, I’ll just take the week off, beyond job interviews (maybe?) until I go away.

Yes, fine, if there is a Hollywood studio out there, who wants to sign me up to play Jean (or her mother), then wonderful, but seriously, I dont expect that to happen! But lets face it, Jean’s big break came out of pure chance, so…as Yosser Hughes said many years ago, Give us a job!

The video, some very early Abba. You can tell that, just look at how different Agnetha looks to the glory days! As I say, someone needs love, and a new job!

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