And, so this is Christmas week

And if you’re expecting the obvious video from that title, then sorry, it isnt!

Hey, I know, when you’re young, Christmas is great fun. At my age, its more a case of the bonus of an extra day off work lol! I know, I know, but believe me, the extra time in bed will be appreciated, all the same. I know a couple of things I’m getting, but thats about it. And yes, all the shopping was done, before I went to Albany, in fact.

Time off? Yes, I get Christmas Day lol, and thats it!

To be honest, the date I’m looking forward to more, is 3 weeks time, and my new look, complete with make up, hopefully looking even more like (a middle aged version of) Jean, should be quite something. I suspect that January will also see me ‘treat’ myself to my holiday booking for Hollywood, in April.

But yes, Christmas Day will be fun, and I’m sure I will dress spectacularly for the day, and you’ll probably get photos of it, like last year. But before then, 2 more days of work, and 1 more blog! Which may well include a Christmas picture (or 2) of Jean, I suspect.

The main thing though, not to forget the true meaning of Christmas, just saying…

The video, well, let me take you back to the beginning of the week, and that taxi journey. I heard this, for the first time, had no idea who it was, but thought it quite nice. Thankfully the DJ told me at the end. And yes, the song on Tuesday will definitely be more vintage too!

Oh, fine, if you’re missing her, here’s a picture of me, sorry, Jean, waking up in the morning. Just over 3 weeks, it probably will look like me getting out of bed!

getting out of bed

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