The frailties of a middle aged woman

And before anyone says anything, that title is definitely one of my tongue in cheek ones, so…

Its fair to say of late, that some of the hours I’ve been working, aren’t conducive to a good, long nights sleep. Late finishes, putting me to bed at crazy hours of the morning, early starts, dragging me from my bed before 5, and all that. Sometimes, like last night, both in one!

And let me add, through no fault of work, I found this time around (despite only being a 5 hour time change) that I didnt settle into my time zone changes as well as I usually do. So, that might all have added to being under the weather, with not enough sleep, and…what happened today.

The alarm went off just before 5, and I went to get out of bed. Well, I did, but just about avoided ended up being a crumpled mess on the floor, as my legs gave way under me, rather akin to a baby foal, after birth. Yes, head hurts, eyes will barely open, but its before 5.00, so…Eventually I get up, head to the bathroom, wash and things, but it doesnt improve the bleary state. Neither unfortunately does the first cup of coffee, which normally helps at that hour.

Indeed, when I’m due to go, around 6.15, I feel so shocking, I consider not going in. But…there are only 2 of us for the first hour, I’m meant to be the escalated agent, so somehow or other, I drag myself in. Not a good idea, as second, and indeed third cups of coffee might bring very temporary relief, but then I feel even worse than before.

Finally, about 10.45, I give up the fight, and say I’m going home. The journey home was interesting, as I fought a sometimes losing battle to stay awake. Finally, about 11.45, I get home, and slump straight into bed. Apart from a couple of very brief stirs, next thing I know is 3.15, I’m hungry, hardly surprising given its about 10 hours since I last ate anything.

But yes, I feel a bit better, and even more so after some food, so…I wouldnt say I’m back to normal yet, but I’m a lot better, for sure. Just exhaustion, possibly? Maybe my health isnt perfect either, who knows? But either way, I’m glad I gave up the losing battle. In all honesty, I probably should never have gone in to work in the first place, but I did.

Oh, and before anyone asks, its been over 5 years since I last failed to complete a designated shift, and I’ve had about 15 days off sick, in 40 years of work. So it takes a lot to stop me, but this did. Or maybe I’m just getting old?

The video, what I did earlier

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