Back to reality

Yes, fine, beyond stating the obvious, that I got back here fine from the US (lets face it, I wouldnt be posting this otherwise), I’ll keep the tale of the last 2 days fairly brief. US Airways were fine, as were Trans Pennine Express, so all went pretty straightforward. So fine, my bag was one of the last off the plane, but otherwise…

Yesterday afternoon, and evening, and then again, today has been an entertaining mix of catching up on things, and getting ready for going back to work tomorrow. I think I’m there, but dont quote me on that! Hard to believe its only 10 days to the next social extravaganza, the works Christmas dinner! But more on that nearer the time.

The one little treat I’ve given myself today, is a little (alright, maybe more than little) hunt, to see if I could find anything more about my past life, that unknown silent era, and golden age actress, Clara Johnson. Unsurprisingly for a bit part actress from that era, lets just say the search hasnt been overly successful. I suspect the only way I’m going to find out more, is to be hypnotised again, and get asked!

Finding written biog details has so far hit a total blank, beyond that one film detail, that I mentioned before. And going for images, despite using her name, you get several hundred pictures of that more famous Clara, Miss Bow, and not much else.

But then, I found this one

Clara Johnson

Quite clearly not Clara Bow, and definitely the right era, but is it actually Clara Johnson, no idea? But for now, until I discover otherwise, or get confirmation of the fact, this picture will do for me. Cute, wasn’t I she, right person, or not? I hope it is, but I still hope, probably vainly to try and find out more about her.

(Its not, unsurprisingly, have since discovered it’s Nancy Carroll, thanks to a friend)

But as I said, back to reality tomorrow, starting work at 2.00 through till 10, then the taxi ride home. Then off Wednesday (yes, I know), when I’m lined up for a massage, that in all honesty will be nice, but just at this moment I feel pretty fair, physical body wise, though I suspect it wont last. Unless that Jean-bot upgrade got me a whole new cybernetic body, to match the mind construct. Not that I’m complaining, mind…

I’m sure work tomorrow will look nothing like this, but given I’m on the Escalated Desk, it might do…

Office life

Though of course, in modern life, no one will be smoking in the office! More Wednesday, by when hopefully I’ll at least have confirmation that the photo isnt someone known to not be Ms Johnson! The video, sums up the thought of going back to work tomorrow

For those following such matters (and I know there are a small number reading both), this should be the last duplicate blog for a while. Probably one after the Works dinner, but otherwise…

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