An amusing thing happened on the way to the taxi

No, not quite the name of an old movie, but close. Not sure if this should be defined as a comedy, or whatever, I’ll let you decide.

When we finish work at 10.00, or later, we are provided with a taxi to get us home. Yes, even me, I am just about in qualifying range, so… Depending on who else needs a taxi at the same time, you might get one on your own (if no one is going roughly in your direction), or you might have to share. Fair enough, I dont mind in the slightest, if its not terribly out of my way, it doesnt usually add much to my journey time, saves the company money, and…

A couple of months ago, the email listing the taxis came around, and I was down to be sharing with someone. Less than 5 minutes later, a follow up email arrived, with a revised list, and his name was gone, and I had a taxi to myself. Fine, I might have had suspicions that it was a personal issue (me, my ‘gender’, or both, not a clue) but I was prepared to live and let live, he might have had good reasons for doing that.

But then, Friday night, I was down to share with him again. This time, no revised email appeared. I saw him leave his desk just before I did, due to my need to finish things off on the escalated desk. So, when I got to where the taxis wait, I was looking for him, as a landmark as to what was my taxi, couldnt see him. Then one of the drivers who knows me a bit, shouted across that I was in his cab. Seems the cab was only waiting for me! As for him…?

Not that in one sense I mind, I got home earlier that way. But in the other sense…I have no idea what the guy’s grudge is with me, whether its trans related or not, so I will resist calling him trans phobic, but…Its not like I’ve done anything I know to him, he’s not in my section, I really dont have anything much to do with him, so…?

Ah well, his loss, I guess? No, I dont know if he got another taxi, or made his own way home, and doubt I will ever know. Still, nice to feel ‘loved’…not! Will be interesting to see what happens, if, and when, we are put in the same taxi again!

The video, from the Slade comeback years, what George Takei might say about events on Friday night!


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