First interview…as a woman!

Yes, fine, by the glorious age of 56, I’ve done more than a few job interviews in my life, been doing them for about 40 years in fact. More or less to the day in fact, as I started my first job in October 74, so it must almost literally be the anniversary of that.

But, the one next week will be the first as a woman! Not that its as critical as some, its for a different internal role at work, not one at a firm that dont know me, but anyway…still a change in look for me, thats for sure. In the past, the style of dress was simple, suit, shirt and tie. But this time around…something new!

I assume that if that 16 year old lady had been going for her first interview in 1974, it would have been a smart dress, heeled shoes, the works! And very smart I’m sure I would have looked too, my mother wouldnt have allowed anything else. But of course, I wasnt a 16 year old girl back then!

But finally, I get to go for an interview as a woman. Thing is, I had no idea if a woman is still ‘expected’ to wear a dress to an interview, or not? Seemingly, you can, but equally a smart blouse, and business trousers, or skirt are fine too. Nothing to stop me wearing a dress, of course, but no longer a must. As for the high heels, fine, though I suspect they may travel to and from work in a bag, not on my feet! Even more so, given I’ll be commuting in the rush hour going in, and they ‘might’ slow me down in the commuter scrum lol.

To be honest, if it was practical, I’d probably love to wear a dress to my interview, just because I could. But given if it would have to be a change at work (realistically), I almost certainly wont. I’m pretty sure it will be a blouse, and skirt/trousers, just because its easier that way. Though I know that teenage girl in me wants to put on her best dress, and go for it, for that first interview.

So maybe, just maybe, I should take a bag with me, and go for it? Hmm? Thing is, I’m not sure if that will impress, or otherwise, the people interviewing me. I know, I know, I want the job, dont be a rebel, but…is a woman wearing a dress that much of a rebel?

Video choice works for my outfit choice, and my interview chances, I guess?


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