Wouldn’t it be nice?

…If in these modern times, we didnt feel the need to have Gay Pride parades, because everyone is genuinely treated equal.

Yes, being fair, things are an awful lot better now (to put it mildly) than they were in the past, but are things as good as they really could be, hmm?

Oh, yes, its Leeds Pride tomorrow, another day when the streets of Leeds will be shut in places, making the run to work more ‘entertaining’ than usual. Thankfully, even with an afternoon start, I should be clear, and into work before the ‘real fun’ begins.

So alright, yes, its an LGBT issue, but an event like this generally doesnt take my eyes, I’m too old to worry about such things, until…

Earlier this week, at work, I was asked if I was going to Leeds Pride, by one of my workmates, a wonderful lady, but maybe not everyone’s cup of tea. Me, I get on fine with her, but anyway…I said no, mainly because I was working, but equally, I added that I wouldnt have gone, even if I wasnt. I didnt ask if she was counting me as Lesbian, Bi, or Trans though, and as another workmate said to me today, it could have been any, or all of them, knowing her!

She made a reply, which I gather related to the chaos that all these parades, and running events (Tour De France as well this year) cause to the public transport in Leeds. Fine comment, if she was working tomorrow, but she isnt! But, she made one fine point, saying that if ‘Hetro Pride’ (or a similar title) was arranged, the PC crowd would have a fit! And yes, she’s right, they would!

From my perspective, it would be nice if people didnt feel the need for Gay Pride parades, and secretly I suspect, that even if things were perfect, they might still continue, the power of the ‘pink pound’, and all that. In fact, to a good degree, I think we are getting towards that point, though we arent there yet! But one day…

Who knows, maybe one day I could go to a job interview, in a dress, and high heels, and get the job! No, I am far from convinced that would happen now, however well I pass. Oh, and seemingly, in the next few days, I will have an even bigger piece of Trans news, but I’d better let her break that to the world first.

Me, I suspect that unless the Leeds NHS buckle, and just let me have the op (I think to be honest, everything else is femme already) to remove something, then I probably wont bother, unless I find a man, or a woman, and feel the need to change things down below. And lets face it, Leeds NHS have forgotten about me by now!

Right, the culmination to this Leeds based video, is a Leeds based band. You may not have heard of them, but give them a chance, because they have talent, and judging by the video, they have fun too. Oh, and one is related to a workmate of mine. So good, they are playing at both Leeds, and Reading festivals this year, so enjoy

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