In The Summertime

Depending on your opinion of things, something has either gone right, or wrong this summer so far, the weather is gorgeous. So much so, I cant remember the last time I shut my bedroom window at night. Yes, I know, tempting fate and all that, but lets chance it. Fine, so July and August over here, should be hot and sunny, but how often of late it hasnt been, is a moot point.

Hey, not only am I wearing a skirt to work now, better ventilation and all that, I’m wearing a thin summer skirt, albeit one down close to my ankles, but thats due to the state of my knees, more than anything else. No, I dont plan on pushing my luck with summer dresses for work, though I went out in one today, albeit most of the time in a car, but at present, I really dont need more. Mind, I do wonder if anyone at work would blink if I did wear a dress to work, but not likely to find out! Well, maybe something less flimsy on Boxing Day, when its a taxi both ways, but they should have forgotten I said that by then lol!

But…it reached 85 here today, and is still 79, even after 8.00 (data care of Weather channel website), but compared to Kansas City, its not that hot, its currently 98 there, mid afternoon! Yes, I know, by September it should have calmed down a bit, but even so…Maybe the brave folk of Missouri and Kansas will have to put up with the sight of my knees, in a shorter skirt! Summer dress, we will see…Lets just say that Albany, in November will need something warmer!

Only snag is, getting to enjoy it. Yesterday I did 10.5 hours at work, tomorrow its 11.75! Yes, some of it is self inflicted overtime, but even so…Mind, I wont be complaining in a few months time about it, will I? 😉 Funny, normally I’m not one for overtime, but this is the last week where the extra pay will go into the August pay packet, to help with holiday costs, so…

Oh fine, you’ve guessed the video? Some shocking sideburns here, I guess things were different in 1970?

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